Ashley Elizabeth

Tengo tres preguntas para tu:

Primero: Perdoname, puedo beber su sangre?

Sequndo: Donde esta el cercano banco de sangre, por favor? y

Trecero: A que hora es la salida del sol esta noche?

I'm 20 and I'm attending Scraft as a Criminal Justice major. I enjoy theatre and love to tech for musicals and plays. However, I no longer partake in the beauty of theatre and probably never will again. sad
I have been working towards a criminal justice career for the last few years and the only way I will ever stray from this path is if I am told by a doctor that it will never happen for me. I know that there are health problems that plaque me, but until a doctor says "NO" I will not change my career course, and I assure you that I will not be actively seeking out doctors.
Theatre became my life in my junior year of high school and has since been a passion of mine. I love plays and musicals and I hope to one day be able to work them again...
In the meantime, however, I am studying criminal justice at Schoolcraft College near my home. I have been told by my high school criminal justice instructor that Schoolcraft's police academy is highly regarded, which is why I am there. smile
If you have any questions for me, please feel free to either send me a private message or comment. I love hearing from people. smile

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omg u like all the music as i do thats so cool i love juanes hes my fav but yea wanna b friends ?

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In response to the thing you said in the MPT, I watched a program on sex in the Bible once on History... it was interesting o.o
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V is for Vendetta. <333

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