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Hi. How are ya? My names Tukiko Yuki, or Ty for short and this is Leah, my Torterra, and her son Turk. I'm a Pokemon Ranger and Leah is my partner Pokemon. Turk stays at home with my mom and won't join us until he is a little older than what he is. I will say that I do have a bit of a temper, but I can't really help it. I travel around the Unova and the Obiliva Regions trying to stop the two villainous teams called Team Plasma and Pokemon Pinchers. Team Plasma wants to "free" Pokemon while the Pokemon Pinchers just want to capture the Legendary Pokemon so that they can take over the world. I have yet to run into any Team Plasma members, but I have met the three people I think are the leaders of the Pokemon Pinchers. I believe Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, and Purple Eyes are the leaders of the Pokemon Pinchers, but I'm not too sure, I feel like they're getting their orders from someone else... Well, me and Leah have to go do some patrolling now, so if you'd like, just send me a PM with any questions and I'll be happy to answer them.


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I am titled: Whisperwind
Can’t you tell? I’m a: She-cat
I believe I am this old: 17 Moons

>>>>>>>>In the Mirror

My pelt is the fantabulous color of: Grey
I’ll glare at you with this color: Aqua/Teal
Look how nice I look: Athletic, a little fat


If you want to charm me: Running, Mice, Voles, Hawks
If you want me to smile: Hunting, Family, Helping others
If you want me to dislike you: Being alone, Being useless, Thunder
If you want me to hate you: Fighting, Her Clan hurt, her friends hurt
I belong to them now: ThunderClan
I am this rank in the Clan now: Warrior
People say I act: Whisperwind is a kind, caring, compassionate she-cat. She loves to help others when they need it and has often been called weak.
My personal story: Where do I start? How about when I got the dream from StarClan..

It was a dark and stormy night and I was huddled in the furthest corner of the cave I was sleeping in. I don't like thunder and my fur was standing on end, as if something was attacking me. I eventually let the rain soothe me and let me fall asleep. That's when it happened-- that's when ThunderClan's old leaders visited me. They told me of a great danger and that I was one of the foretold cats in the prophecy. Bluestar spoke and told me that I was to meet up with three other cats and that I would know who they were because they would be carrying a colored crystal.

When I awoke, there laying beside me was an orange crystal. The next day, after the storm was over, I left my cave and started traveling in the direction of the lake where the Clans lived. I didn't know exactly where I was going, but, I knew that Bluestar and the all of StarClan was guiding me. I soon meet up with the other three cats and we continued on the journey together.

>>>>>>>>What Else?

I love him/her: Don't got one..
I also love: I don't have any!
Oh, I forgot to tell: I am the holder of the Orange Crystal.
This is what I listen to Keke's Love by Keke Palmer
You see pretty colors when I post Will fill out after layout post is done

>>>>>>>>PKMN Ranger Miku


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The Kanashi Region

Has journal entries in it that has to do with the Kanashi Region that I made up for my PKMN Ranger RP. There may be SOME entries that will not have to do with the RP at all. Haha.



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