Merry meet friends! My name is Kate and I am Wiccan. I have been on gaia for about seven years and I still love it as much as I did the first time i logged in, if not more. I love Sailor moon, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Rise of the brave tangled dragons, Merlin and a ton more movies/tv shows . I love to dye my hair and change it often. I don't really tolerate bullshit and despise gossip, but I am very friendly when you get to know me and I love to meet new people :3 I also really love art and I love to talk to the artists I am ordering from, I will never be mean to any of them (they are drawing for me so why be mean?) Its impolite to be rude to someone who is doing something for you, I don't tolerate people who are rude or impatient either.

P.S. I have a thing for fire Pokemon and flying types...just thought you should know xD



I guess I've grown up, but I'm very sure my Doctor can fix that and the Detective can help me find my childhood again.

Just random thoughts I suppose, maybe even some paragraphs of fiction writing I have been doing for a couple years now.



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Thanks for buying!
Reptar Eats Children

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Reptar Eats Children

Thank you for you purchase. biggrin

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37bill for Simmering Penitence ? smile
razor sharp intellect

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razor sharp intellect


~>>>>- xXX- <<~ . emotion_bigheart .~>> -XXx- <<<<~
A Fake

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A Fake

Wonderful avatar and profile.
Thank you for your purchase.
Enjoy the item and have a wonderful day.
Aria Viri

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Aria Viri


I would love to purchase your Hollywood Starlet, but am unable to put forward a gold amount for your item. I do own Dangerous Denim, Grace of Aphrodite, and Bone Dragon Helm to be able to trade with you for it.

Would you be interested in the trade.

I am still trying to sell any of those items, and any cash coming from those items I will be willing to offer in trade for those items.

thank you so very much

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ehh..sorry for the late reply..but unfortunately I buy the gold with other items..now I'm saving up again for that item sighs~~
thank you thou for informing me 3nodding

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can I buy your apprentice charm for 100k
please heart

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Oh and thanks for holding onto the Death Dealer for me xD
Sorry if I take a while to get the money, all I have at the moment is 100k razz

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I love Final Fantasy but I suck at games that take turns xD
I'm much better at shooting games cuz it's fast paced. wink
I got stuck at this one boss who had too much hp and it killed all my people in FF :'(


[b:1c381ef380]DRAW MY OC![/b:1c381ef380][/color:1c381ef380][/size:1c381ef380]
[b:1c381ef380]I am questing art for my OC, Radia The Faun! Message me if you wish to draw her and if you have a price heart [/b:1c381ef380][/size:1c381ef380][/color:1c381ef380][/align:1c381ef380]