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I am a 17 yr old that is married in RL.....So don't hit on me I'm already taken.
I'm very blunt and I will tell you what I think of you to your face.
I have a very ******** up family close and distant.
I've hurt many in the past and I can't do anything to change that except say I'm sorry and never do it again.
I am manic bi-polar and My temper is like a ******** ticking bomb.
Only two people in my life know how to calm me down and sometimes I back fire onto them.
That is my sister and my husband.
My husband skitzo....so am I just not as bad.
My tourettes I have had since before pre-k had just gotten worse over the years and most likely wont be the lucky 1% to get rid of it.
I am stupid, funny, hyper, blunt, mean, nice...I'm human I make mistakes.
learn from them.
I am learning how to forgive myself of the past and everything I did.
I will say....I wasn't the greatest kid.
I got into trouble with the law....got into mental hospitals time after time.
I sent my own family in the hospital when I black out while I was pissed.
I try to warn others when I get mad so they wont get hurt or yelled at.
but many don't listen...
I'm a hard worker...but many run over me.
My whole brain is like a ticking bomb of series of different mental issues.
I don't care what you think. I'm me...I'll never be anything else.
Love me or hate me.
I really don't give a ********.
I Can stand up for my friends [and few] family members that I deeply care for better than I could myself.
My reason is I rather have all the pain than watch them suffer.
I have lied, cheated, hurt, abused [verbally and mentally] and made others suffer in the past.
yeah welcome to my every day world.
if you looked back then before I figured out why I was going so wrong...I was needing the shelter and love that every child needs.
My sister always got the attention even though she was a drug addict, acholic, sexaholic and always lied.
All I ever did was get into arguements with my parents but they told me that I was the bad daughter and my sister was the good daughter.
My dad always gave her hugs and told her I love you.
I said Hi to him and he told me to shut up.
My mom always slept or cried.
Where was the supported I needed in life.
NO ******** WERE!
I acted out..trying to grasps there attention but they told me it was my fault I was this way.
I jumped out a ******** MOVING CAR! and they told me That I have no reason to act this way.
I cut, I did drugs, I drank, I had sex, I ran away, I dropped out of school more than once, my grades dropped to nothing, I slept all the time. WHAT THE ******** ELSE DID YOU NEED TO REALIZE SOMETHING WAS ******** WRONG WITH ME!!!!

anyways stop blabbing can't change the past...it just makes you a better person.
but I vow...to be a better mom than my parents were to me.

~Current pic of me.~

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my dream avatars and past

my life, soul, feelings that comes out onto avatar



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Sexual Venom

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Sexual Venom

-Lurks- It's Chris
Kitty Lucky

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Kitty Lucky

I like your profile!

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Rawr >_>

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your layout is retarted destinee you haven't even played but a tiny bit of kingdom hearts. you are only doing it becuase you think others think it's cool but it's a disgrace seeing how you haven't played the game all the way*tisk tisk* lol j/k no seriously it's not you
chained up lez kitty N-H

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chained up lez kitty N-H

yay comment's to random omg your not random...

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so funny

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Ahh!... this is good

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extremely beautiful grrr...

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Ahh!... this is intriguing
Trust Dana Scully

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Trust Dana Scully

[I'm a random]

I saw ya avvie on the "Rate my Avatar" Page, And I must say

IT'S SO KAWAII xD OMG I love it ^^ User Image


[b:4c61a93d30]As you took my hand to hold,
I felt you slip away,
Like dust in the[i:4c61a93d30] wind[/i:4c61a93d30],
As I screamed for you,
I knew, It was too good to be true,
Only if you knew,
I was in [u:4c61a93d30]love[/u:4c61a93d30][/color:4c61a93d30] with you...[/size:4c61a93d30][/align:4c61a93d30][/b:4c61a93d30]