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Grand General Asgard III

Born in a Lizardfolk tribe, soon learned to fight and showed impressive skills in the arts of war and fighting, becoming a great warrior among his people with ease and speed.

After some years he decided to embark on his own campaign, which lead him to join a group of adventurers... An Elf Ranger, greatest marksman he ever knew and so charismatic that he literally was a kingdom ad face (and he got paid for it), and his tiger cub pet. An Orc Shaman, Wise and slow as any turtle. A "Werelion" brawler. And finally a Human Swordsman.

With the shaman's and the elf's help, he was able to strike a deal with a dark elemental and after passing a 7 day test, became a Dark warrior.
Later on, after making another deal with a necromancer who also knew some (even more) forbidden dark magic and bone magic, taking advantage of his regenerative capacities, he "grew" dragon-like wings, trough a lengthy and painful process.

The group had several temporary adventures (one of them, made him become best friend with a great barbarian king) until one day they got captured by an Emperor (Maybe the groups fault for trying to start a war) and were sent to the fighting pits where the lizardfolk was the one to come out of it in the best way and shape from all his friends and after a deal with the emperor, became sergeant of an emperial army regimen.

The party were tricked by a powerful necromancer to retrieve an ancient artifact for him, allowing him to become a Lich...
As well, later on, during a time the Shaman was away from the group for a personal quest (he was the brains of the party) the rest of the group was talked to surrender a magical object needed by the Daemonic's army to free their leader into this reality, in exchange for several stuff; for Asgard, was in exchange of his own drake and a island some where around the kingdom

Later on having to split sometime between his old friends and his new rank (which sometimes would oppose on goals and missions) the empire made a triple alliance with a daemonic prince and a highly powerful Lich; was then when Asgard became General of the alliance's army, becoming the "right hand" of the leaders. Which led to the end of his old friend's group as he had to command his new army to attack one of the last human cities needed to conquer the whole Kingdome (and start an even bigger and fruitful expansion) that his friends had the mission to protect and keep from being taken.
The battle was never even or fair for his old friends who not even several elves tribes help was enough to stop the attack, being Asgard III the one to kill the king and take the throne by himself.

He retired for a while until one day, his old friend, the Shaman came to him seeking his aid into battling an "old" enemy. A group of mercenaries always hunting them down. Was a tough battle as the enemies were really powerful as well, sadly the battle "ended" after the Lizardman (whit his "Obsene" molten axe) was able to strike an assassin who happened to have a pretty strong "custom made" bombs with her. The whole area was devastated, leaving only trace of the lizardman who remained alive for days, slowly healing, buried in ashes and dirt.
After several days he woke up, finding nothing around him, just some pieces of his magical armor and the head of his magical axe.

His legend grew and his name was known all around

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