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Report | 04/25/2017 5:54 am


Happy birthday!
yum_cupcake yum_puddi yum_icecreampie
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Report | 09/21/2015 2:25 pm

Kuroko Kusanagi V1

Korrasami forever!!
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Report | 09/11/2014 4:45 pm


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Report | 04/25/2014 9:06 am

Vegito Blue

happy birthday jamie
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Report | 08/29/2013 8:15 am

Jason Todd Outlaw

How are you?
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Report | 08/28/2013 9:05 pm

Firebender Mako

I agree 1000%. Cutie patooties.
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Report | 08/24/2013 10:13 pm

Firebender Mako

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Report | 08/07/2013 11:41 pm


September... Well, that'll give me one thing to look forward to for that month. School kicks in again aaaaaand, I'm not liking my schedule at all, even though I made it. xD

Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be awesome. I like Karen Gillan and her acting chops, so I have no doubt that she'll do good in her role. I'm just worried about Bautista as Drax. He's lthe wildcard for me. I trust Marvel's casting choices though. Nearly all of them have been hits. Faith in Kevin Feige! I loved The Avengers so I follow pretty much everything Marvel makes. And they've given a lot more attention to how their characters are portrayed as opposed to DC. Like... Man of Steel.... the action was nice and all but... Superman... that dude killed like hundreds of people in that movie just crashing through buildings and fighting in populated areas. ._.

It sounds like a money grab to me. I hope they get a different screen writer for it, since the script for the first Man of Steel was what (mostly) brought the movie down.

a gift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN38y5MILbs
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Report | 08/07/2013 6:44 pm


Aw yisssss.

I watched the trailer and it got me SO PUMPED. I haven't been doing my homework on the show, though. xD Too many things to follow. Like, the whole Marvel and DC set of movies that are going to be coming out. I've hunting for news articles about them since the start of the summer, haha. Batman vs Superman? What. Ultron in Avengers 2? What. I don't even know when Korra's premiere is. (Yeah, I'm slippin' x_x )
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Report | 08/07/2013 6:20 pm


I'm right here, broski.
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Report | 07/08/2013 12:53 am


I am so jealous. One day I'd like to work in a lab also and do sciencey things there instead of making powerpoint presentations about honeybees. Did you know that bee venom is bad? Well, it is and here's 50 slides explaining why. 3nodding
...3 hours later. In conclusion... do not get stung by honeybees. Their venom is bad.

That is my class. It is my destiny. Brb, transfering to that school.

I love pancakes. I try to eat some each morning whenever I can. Pancakes are like my family.

I'm always on tumblr too! I don't post, but I could spend hours scrolling through my dash without ever getting bored. 'Tis the good life. I'll add you.

Aaaaaand, accepted!

Ew, work. I am both jelly and not jelly of you. I should probably head off too. I've got babysitting duty. x_x
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Report | 07/08/2013 12:35 am


Yes after college I will win the lottery and become a millionaire and never have to work or do anything productive ever again. Really though I'm thinking of getting into teaching. My original plan was to go to med school and study to become a doctor but... I don't think that's for me. And the only reason why I even wanted to become a doctor in the first place was because of House. ninja I love Biology so I want to be able to stick with that. Maybe become a biology professor some day or do something out in the field.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Where do I sign up? o_o
That sounds amazing. I would take that course in a heartbeat if they offered it in my school. I LOVE HARRY POTTER. HUFFLEPUFF4LYFE

So much cringe.

I couldn't stop laughing at the Nyan cat one xD


It does look pretty terrible without it. Oh well. Yoloswag.

Oh yeah. Here's mine: https://www.facebook.com/johans.mascardo
I don't post much but I go on to comment on stuff. xD Do you have Skype?
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Report | 07/08/2013 12:07 am


Except how you're like never onnnnnn, what gives brah? Just kidding. xd

A tragic tale indeed. Gaia needs to get it together.

Ooooh, that's good then. : D I've got like three more years left, four if I don't take any summer classes. I dropped physics last semester so I'm short a credit from the number I should have at this point. Physics too stronk, mayne. But I did something really stupid and took the course that was one level up from what I SHOULD'VE taken so it was a super derp on my part. v.v

I guess the time I'm having can be considered good... if you disregard midterm and finals week where I'm literally dead every day. So much procrastination lol. Let me tell you, for Psychology I did not even open my textbook until the day of the midterm exam. Like it literally was still in the packaging. xD I love my school though, it's very beautiful and the people there are nice.

I took the wackiest course last sem though. Geek Culture. We did nothing but watch movies, play video games, and play dungeons and dragons. I got a credit for that. Yaaaaaay. xD

That's okay, I've got a few in the stash to last quite a while. Omg. I saw this earlier. Prepare yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6laGvKtPZYQ

And... and... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BksFy5qbwwM I love every single one of this guy's videos. xD

Dude, not about that life, haha. I used to do the font colour/make it pretty thing but it was just way too much effort without that toolbar thing and I hate toolbars lol.

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Report | 07/07/2013 11:40 pm


It was such a heartbreaker, dude. Like literally the day before I was having a blast planning an RP and then out of nowhere bam meebo's gone and now I'm back to PMs. I am so not about that life.
Everything about this site feels so outdated. Nowadays I only come on for RPs since most of my friends went splitsville.

Congratulations! Now you are free! (But not really, post-secondary is killer).
Like, I just finished my first year of uni and =_= I mean it's not HARDER than highschool, like the jump in difficulty from 12 - postsec is similar to the jump from 11-12 it's... it's the freedom! They're all like, here's your homework, here's when it's due, eff you. Like, time management is a crucial skill to have, which sucks because it's one of the many skills that I lack. xD

Wellllll, I used to be Gods of Olympus. We talked a bit back in the day.
Sent stuff like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCvNJ3_rkI8
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Report | 07/07/2013 11:27 pm


Truly a sad tale. :[
The site is dying, I'm afraid. Without the meebo bar, it's boring like... comments are sooo 2009.

How've you been? Do you still remember me? How's the schoolz? Graduated yet? o:
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Report | 07/07/2013 11:24 pm


No friends? No friends!? Dawg, I am disappoint.
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Report | 06/07/2013 9:22 pm

Odd Cinderella

You know, I really think this hair works best for Asami:
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Report | 03/26/2013 1:47 pm

A Darker Shade of Red

Nice avi. Very well done
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Report | 11/24/2012 8:35 pm


Wow, your avatar is brilliant. Looks exactly like her.
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