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Report | 06/12/2013 7:31 pm


biggrin hey u
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Report | 09/01/2012 11:11 am


Disculpa, hablo espaƱol
Sorry, I speak spanish u.u Thanks for your comment
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Report | 03/29/2012 9:22 am


Yeah, I'm fulltime.
I use every tutoring service my school has, I communicate with my professors and I don't procrastinate.
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Report | 03/28/2012 9:24 pm


I earned a 4.0 in all my classes.
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Report | 03/08/2012 5:39 am


Aha that makes sense. XD
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Report | 03/02/2012 6:17 pm


Off and on, I'm dealing with some health problems that have me house bound right now. Occasional I'll have a relapse that'll really knock me out. I kind of go back and forth between living here and totally disapearing, depending on where my energy level is at any given time.
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Report | 03/02/2012 4:34 pm


biggrin heart
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Report | 03/02/2012 12:57 pm


Feel free to plagerize it en toto or in bits if you find yourelf in one of those circumstances. Most people seem the enjoy the rules, so feel free to spread it around. Humor, like knowledge should be freely shared.
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Report | 02/27/2012 10:39 pm

Lashuri Chan

Lol ^.^
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Report | 02/21/2012 3:02 pm

Lashuri Chan

Well me and her finally work out our problems only for me to find out from Hina that Bella is pissed at her for saying she has her own group of friends and calls them a..........I can't spell that C word that means a group of friends. So she tries to say sorry to her but Bella wants to be a stubborn b***h and not take it so Hina talks about it on her profile with another user and Bell'a friend's find out and tell her to say sorry but report her anyways.

So I post a journal about it at two in the afternoon. Come elven at night Bella is mocking Hina for saying sorry over and over again and posting journals about her groups of friends and such so I tell a mod only for her to talk about my journal. Pretty much saying since I did it then it is okay for Bella to, rather than telling us both ro stop it and delete the journals and then she claims she is not playing faveorties and that she has banned her friends befiore.

I yell and cuss her out and tell her to do her damn job because she has no problem telling me to take down journals when it is about someone else but god forbid she does the same to Bella! Even making an excuse saying that Bella was mad at her like it mattered.

But I guess she must have told her because she took down the journal. So the next day Bella is posting journals and deleting them, obviously shocked that something like that happened to her. Then she post a journal about taking a break.
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Report | 02/19/2012 11:33 am

xPhil Collinsx

I have to ask (this is Hina from Mibba. I'm using my brother's old account that he left for me), who are you? I noticed you on my other profile but I couldn't place your name. XD
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Report | 02/19/2012 11:21 am

Lashuri Chan

Lol I don't even visit Gaia as much since I took it out of my faveortie places. But I'm okay I guess, could be better though. And as far as Mibba goes, well some things related to Bella went down and now she is taking a break because she couldn't handle being put in her place and realizing she isn't above anyone. Other then that nothing new on Mibba. How have you been?
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Report | 02/17/2012 3:23 pm

Lashuri Chan

Hiyas! ^.^
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Report | 02/09/2012 11:53 pm

Lashuri Chan

Yup "Everyone loves music"
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Report | 01/25/2012 8:06 pm

Lost Boy Ryu

Thanks very much. ^^
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Report | 01/21/2012 2:41 pm

Gorguzkhal Deathskull

Errr...do i know you?
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Report | 01/16/2012 3:04 am

Mirrored Void

Preferences, Offline mrgreen
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Report | 01/16/2012 3:03 am


Erm, thats a good question. I think probably when i put my homework in the fridge before school one morning like two years ago. xD
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Report | 01/16/2012 2:37 am

Mirrored Void

No I didn't
Don't cry! mrgreen
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Report | 01/16/2012 2:21 am

Mirrored Void

I do not want to be Frenemies. emotion_donotwant
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