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t i n r e Report | 12/26/2014 9:30 pm
oh my gawd ur like the first person on my friends list to be online gonk rofl sweatdrop
Maikuuuh Report | 11/22/2014 2:38 pm
I don't even know why. I could just lay in bed for days and do nothing but roll around, and occasionally take showers to keep being squeaky clean and nummy.
Maikuuuh Report | 11/22/2014 2:31 pm
Well I have a lot of positive qualities yes, but I consider myself lazy because I only do things when I really have to.

Even cooking, I only do when I really crawl on the floor in hunger.

Maikuuuh Report | 11/21/2014 3:15 pm
Oh, I am a major lazybutt..

I would even count it as one of my postivie treats if I had to.. I am THAT lazy.

Maikuuuh Report | 11/21/2014 1:30 pm
Everyone has something they're really horrible at, and then something they're good at!

I for one am completely horrible with laundry.
Maikuuuh Report | 11/21/2014 1:24 pm

I love to cook, I am quite good at it so no one died lately!

Maikuuuh Report | 11/21/2014 11:56 am
Oh, not all too much.
Just preparing dinner for myself! ~

What about yourself?

Maikuuuh Report | 11/21/2014 12:09 am
Indeed! Oh I am doing great!

Maikuuuh Report | 11/20/2014 1:51 am

You've added me but not spoken thus-far.
So I'll break the ice.

So, Hello there! ~

Karululu Report | 11/14/2014 2:48 pm
Thank you for the purchase! Oh and I love your avatar! She is so pretty! biggrin

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