My Mantra

(modified from origional text):

Screw Race and Color, Everybody's BLUE, then what would all the biggots do? Instead of your color they'd hate your size, which is why I must pluck out all of their eyes....


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Looking Through My Eyes

* tap tap
"Is this thing on?"

So you want to know about me do you?
So little to tell so much time...

My name, not important. I will say that it starts with an "A" though.
Go ahead and guess, but you won't get the answer from me.

I guess you could say that I like my privacy, I'm a quiet person, not very outspoken. I don't have all that many friends, but I'm usually working so I don't often have time for chatting or hanging out.
I'm an artist, currently working my way though school, basically just another average person trying to make ends meet.
My favorite color is green, My favorite band, hmm... toss up between Metalica and Insane Clown Posse. I like horror flicks and action movies, late nights and loud music. I play Dungeons & Dragons and I have this bad habbit of spouting stuff I hear on movies kinda like cinematic terrets syndrome.
I work at an A&W and I wish like hell I didn't. Not that there's anything wrong with fast food. I just don't want to be a waitress for the rest of my life. I'm single, have no religion because I don't believe in religion. I believe in god yes. But not Religion.
I have little tollerance for racist, sexist, or predjudice people, but I will respect your oppinion if you have a good enough point.

Well, that's me in a nut shell. Take it or leave it. Either way it matters little. If I bored you, I appologise, but it's really your fault you're bored because you had ample opportunity to stop reading.


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Eyes of the Beholder

Every set of eyes has a different point of view, every glance in any direction produces a different picture of a thought or place or thing, its ever changing, like a calidoscopic image. This will be my attempt to capture a thought, an image, a single