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Akatsuki Journals, un

Here's where I keep my thoughts, un. About Akatsuki life or personal life. EDIT: I've also decided to put a little 5-10 minute doodle in each entry from now on, un. Just for practice and stuff. (:

Quotes to Live by (And my inspirations)

"Don't try to be original, just try to be good."
-Paul Rand

"Every child is an artist. The problem is remaining an artist once he grows up."
-Pablo Picasso

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
-Scott Adams

"Creativity takes courage."
-Henri Matisse

"It's not a matter of painting life, it's a matter of giving life to painting."
-Pierre Bonnard

"There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it."
-Henry Moore

"Where the spirit does not move with the hand there is no art."
-Leonardo di Vinci

"There is no such thing as a bad drawing. There is always at least one good thing about every one."
- My instructor (: ♥

Let's get personal

Deidara <3's
-- Graphic Design
-- Typography
-- Illustration/Drawing
-- Sculpting
-- Watercolours
-- Helvetica
-- Frutiger
-- Myriad Pro
-- Baskerville
-- D.Gray-man
-- Gintama
-- Baccano!
-- SoulTaker/Nurse Witch Komugi
-- Black Sun/Silver Moon
Video Games
-- Metal Gear Solid
-- Professor Layton
-- Phoenix Wright
-- Resident Evil
-- Harvest Moon
-- Tales of Symphonia
-- Lux-Pain
-- Pokemon
-- Squash Orange
-- Pure Cyan
-- Little Sprout Green
-- The combination of the three colours mentioned above
-- Matchbox 20
-- Barenaked Ladies

-- Alter Bridge
-- Pendulum
-- Don Henley
-- The Eagles
-- Great Big Sea
-- UVERworld
-- T.M. Revolution
-- I'm a sucker for just about any song used in an iPod commercial. ♥
Slash Pairings
-- GinIzu (BLEACH)
-- TobiDei (Naruto)
-- SnOtacon (Metal Gear Solid)
-- TykiTyki (D.Gray-man)
-- PhoenixMiles (Phoenix Wright)
-- IchiHime (BLEACH)
-- RenRuki (BLEACH)
-- 5927 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
-- Birds
-- Dogs
-- Cats
-- Red Pandas
Buying Stuff
-- Trinkets
-- Toys D:
-- Gashapon
-- Manga
TV Shows
-- Storm Hawks
-- Whose Line is it Anyway?
-- Arthur
-- Family Guy
-- Frisky Dingo
-- Sex and the City
-- Dumbass. You know who you are. ;3 ♥
-- All of idk my bff jacks and jills. Online and off.
-- Gaiaonline (The A/M/C and the spam that comes with it, un)
-- Internet memes
-- Apple

Deidara does not <3
-- Homophobics
-- People who push their opinion as fact
-- Art thieves
-- Papyrus Typeface
-- Old people who think they know technology when they don't.
-- n00bs (not newbies)
-- Fail Trolls
-- Wiggers and Wangstas
-- Skaters
-- Teenagers (not all, obviously)
-- The misuse of ellipsis.
-- Peppers. xP

Everything else goes into the "likes" category I guess, un.

Gaia's Labels

Skater: 5
Homie: 3
Player: 3
Emo: 3
Princess: 2
Drama King: 2
Punk: 1
Retro: 1

f*ck, people. I hate skaters. D:<
Call me one and I'm going to say that I hate it.

From the Artist

I need a new profile background like whoa. neutral
Just thought I'd throw that out there, un.

Hey, remember that one time I got really lazy and had over 100 comments and PMs to reply to? Heh, kind of happened again, un. Oops.
Sorry gaiz.

Also since there seems to be some confusion lately, the only account I use either than this one under the identity of "ADS" is my mule account.
Anyone claiming that they're me otherwise is lying. Hurrdurr.

I'm making a list, un.

Question: Have I converted you into a TobiDei fan? PM me or something if I have.

Meaning subconsciously. Has my being around the A/M/C with my random Tobi-love chatter actually made you a fan of the pairing? >: I wanna see how many people I've actually converted, un.

Gaians Converted: 47

I was breaking out of my own skin, choking up on release
I'm in no state to judge you
Scratching itches best left alone, chasing memories I used to own
I can't wait until this is over tonight

Deidara's April Calendar

04.24 - 04.25

Good Friday. o:

Happy birthday, nanny. :U

I hate April Fool's Day.


User Image
I'm keeping this picture up here because I like it, un. xD


Erm.. those who comment about my avatar, thanks, un.
I'm just kind of too lazy to reply to them all, yeah. neutral

I won't reply to all comments.
I won't reply to all PMs.
I won't reply to all posts.

I have four mouths, not four hands, un. neutral

<-- There. Have a heart, un. That should make up for it.
UPDATE: I turned it into a red heart so I could express my undying love for you b*tches, un.
No, srsly. ilugaiz. D:

Also, when addressing me, I'd prefer it if you spelt my name correctly. It's in my username. Spell it right, please, un. Calling me "Diedara" does not appeal to me. crying ;; Especially with that "die" in there.. un..
This also goes for "Deidra", "Deidari", "Deidre", "Deidaro", "Daidara", etc.

"Deidei" (I guess) or "Dei" is fine, un. stare
Either "senpai" or "sempai" is fine too when addressing me by that title. Use whichever you're most comfortable with. They're both correct, un.

Also, I love Tobi and there's nothing you can do to change my mind, un. talk2hand He's my dumbass hubby. ♥



Q: Are you a guy?
A: Yes.

Q: Why do you say "un" all the time?
A: Why not? It's a force of habit, un. I've always said it.
Srsly gaiz. gonk It's called typing in character.

Q: How do you make your pretty explosions?
A: With my clay. neutral My chakra is infused with it. Stop trying to copy it. It won't work the same, un.

Q: Tobi or Sasori?
A: Tobi, plz. talk2hand

Q: Where are you from?
A: I'm a Haligonian. Do the research.

Q: Do you have a deviantART?
A: No, no I don't. I don't really plan on getting one either, un. I do however, have a Y-Gallery account. If you want, I guess you can PM me for my username, un. Or find it somewhere in my journals. I'm not linking. Go find it yourself.
Be warned: I only use Y-Gallery to post my explicit slash art, un. So don't come yelling at me if you saw something you didn't want to see, un.

Q: How do I draw as good as you? CAN YOU TEACH ME?!
A: f*ck, no. gonk Just practice. That's all I ever did. And use references.

Q: What grade are you in?
A: Actually, I'm not in school anymore, un. I am a college graduate in the field of graphic design.

Q: Will you donate to me? PLEASE?
A: Haha, no. (: ♥ Kakuzu would kill me for splurging my funds on others, un.
...Maybe if I really like you.

Q: Why won't you answer my PM(s)/comment(s)?! gonk
A: Because I'm lazy. Or you gave me nothing to really reply to, un.
Unless if you're someone I talk to on a regular basis, a simple "hi" doesn't usually earn a reply.
I answer questions and PMs/comments that interest me/catch my attention. If you want a reply, work on that.
Please use English. It is what I speak. Maybe a little French, un.
Not your damn "lol desu" sh*t. f*ck.
justbecausei'mpartjapanesedoesn'tmeaniknowitgaiz crying

Q: What is on your avatar?
A: Items. neutral
Honestly, I don't like telling other users what I'm wearing because I'm selfish there's small bits to it that make it different from other Akatsuki cosplays (I'd like to think so anyway >> ). I wanna keep it unique. Ish.
But really, if you just look at it, it's pretty easy to see all of the items on it, un. It's not like anything is really hiding.




Cutie Chicky from seleneswan
OMG Box from Shirayuki Hitomi
Summoning Tome from KumoriHitokiri
Spirit Falcon from HyoKyung
Bag of Win from Shirayuki Hitomi
OMFG Box from hotpinapples
Birthday Cupcake from The Kabuki Fox (LOL OH, YOU. ♥)
OMFG Box from The Kabuki Fox
Bag of Win from Anonymous... But I know who you are. ;3
OMFG Box x 2 from Shirayuki Hitomi (Amgz, you're such a sweetheart, un. ;_; ♥♥♥)
Sealed Envelope 06/2008 from Shirayuki Hitomi
OMFG Box from squareb
Brown Magical Giftbox from Anonymous
X Gold from Thetis_Disposer (notlistinghowmuchforobviousreasonsbutiluuuuuuuu♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)
Hermes Moon 8th Gen. from Anonymous (still know who you are, lol)
Thank You Letter For June 2008 from Anonymous
X Gold from Cytomander (ilu, bby wink ♥)
OMFG Box from KumoriHitokiri
X Gold from Thetis_Disposer
X Gold from StrawberryPika (you'rethebestgirlieintheentireuniverseandiluuuuuu~~~<33333333333333333)
X Gold from xDeidara (ilu sweetie~ (: ♥♥♥)
X Gold from Edwit
Devil Imp Plushie from xDeidara
X Gold from repiv
X Gold fro, ShimizuOokami
X Gold from The_Female_Tobi
X Gold, Brown Magical Giftbox, Thank You Letter for May 2008 from Allegro
Celestial Wrap, Ghost Cape, TM (Time Piece), Gift of the Gods, Thank You Letter for March 2008 from Folklorn
Devil Imp Plushie from Shirayuki Hitomi
zOMG! Rumble Box x 4 from The_Female_Tobi
X Gold from Saku Nora
Certificate Of Adoption from Anonymous (Now I have a child, un. xD Sunako. o_O)
Angel Imp Plushie from Silent Kunoich
Certificate of Adoption from Shirayuki Hitomi (Mothbite! :'D My collection of children is growing, un. >w> wink
zOMG! Rumble Box from Shirayuki Hitomi
Jackie (orphan for my army) from Hooksword
Certificate of Adoption from Shirayuki Hitomi (ARMY OF CHILDRENNNN scream Swimp, this time, un.)
Nightmare Box from --Matt--X--Mello--Love
Bag of Win 2 from ChynaRose
Lidless Demon Armor (Helm & Chest), Cap a la Gingerbread, Aquarium Background (Fun Machine), and Red Octopus (on my head) from aregato123
Full Set of Jack's Grab Bag 2k7 from Silver Dragon Tears (gfkdlgjd wow, thank you~ o: )
Fortune Egg (Level 1) from Saku Nora (Thank youuu. x3)
Nightmare Box from xDeidara
Aquarium Creepy Phonograph from ChynaRose
Santa Cow Plushie from Black Kat_mistress (A Christmas present. :'D Thank you~)
You are a Cow from Saku Nora (LOL)
Snow Feather from Shirayuki Hitomi (Thank youuuu. ;A; <333)
Santa Cow Plushie from Anonymous (I so know who you are. D:< UNUNUNUNUNUNUN)
Neutral Starter Ninja Gloves from Goddess of the Dark Star
Certificate of Adoption from Neko_Yushi (Sunako!)
GGR (Gold Gold Revolution) Wheel from last monarch of light (Thank you! :3)
Phalaenopsis Bouquet from iBooBear (Thank you~ They is so pretty, un. :3)
Ikayaki from Saku Nora (Yum. Tentacles. surprised )
._. Glasses from Anonymous (Ununununun)
Candy Corn Witchling Dress from Saku Nora (DDDD; )
GGR (Gold Gold Revolution) Wheel from Saku Nora (I already forgave youuu. xD)
Barph, Dogbrain, Tiny Tom, and Eustace & Ethel from GCD Elf 101 (Childrennnnnnnnn~ x3 Thank you, un)
Baby Chicky from Son Goku Saru (It's so tinyyyy. ;A; <333)
Chubbi Chicky from Saku Nora (I'm surroundedddd. o: )
Starhat and Elf Science from Anonymous (I'm a star. o 3o)
2008 Box Bundle from Zigurat Redclaw (Bawww, thank you, un~ ;_; This is like a mini Christmas. <33)
International Gasmask (France) and Tuga the Narwhal Plush from GCD Elf 101 (Thank you. :3 LOL. Narwhal~)
Love from Saku Nora (IT COUNTS, UN.)
Clock Egg, Titan's Legacy, and Kappa Plush from Suna Karasu (Thanks! biggrin Bang~)
Blue Flame Shoes from Anonymous
Regalia of Ancient Fire (Mantle) and Aquarium Fountain from Sweet makoto2 (Thanks. o: )
Holo-grid Floor Tile from Anonymous (Ooh. Neat. surprised )
Gold from mysticsorceror (Thanks. surprised )
Jenny's Innocent A-line Dress, Jenny's Innocent Open-Toe Shoes, and White Space Girl Boots from Saku Nora (No, I'm not wearing them. >:B)
Soft Pink Underwear from Saku Nora (...)
Gold from Kulayami (Thank you!)
GGR (Gold Gold Revolution) Wheel from Ciyana (<3)
GGR (Gold Gold Revolution) Wheel from Forsaken Alchemist (Thank ya~)
Clutch Hat from Suna Karasu (Thank you~)
Red Sketchbook, Black Paintbrush, and ... Mood Bubble from seleneswan (Your comments in them were so sweet, un. ;A; )
Toothy from Pirape (OMNOMNOM)
Gold from Ichigo Uzimaki18 (Fffffffffffff. Thank you~)
Lucky Star from Cherished_Kitten (Thank you. :3)
Certificate of Adoption from Nete-Chan (Welcome to the army family, Bear. o: )
GGR (Gold Gold Revolution) Wheel, Bag of Win 2, Red Heart Balloon, and Certificate of Adoption from --Matt--X--Mello--Love (Thank youuuu, un~ Tiny Tom~)
Heart of Gold from --Matt--X--Mello--Love (gfjdlkg Your message was so sweet, un. I love ya too, babe.)
Certificate of Adoption from AnimePrincess333 (Thanks! :'D Eustace & Ethel. Yay, double!)
Gills, Vanessa Valentine's Day Photo, and Carrot Nose from Suna Karasu
GGR (Gold Gold Revolution) Wheel from japangurlangel
Gold from Lithium Flare (Thank you! :'D)
Onigiri from The_Akatsuki_Phoenix (omnommnommmm~)
Cat Tail, Boots, Gloves, and Deluxe Cat Ears from iBooBear (meowww~)
Blue Web Shirt, Neutral Female Goth Starter Skirt, and Gray FLEX Top from Death_Pearl
Gold Tiara with Sapphire and Gold from Rellwize
Marble Pedestal from Anonymous
Lonely Lily from --Matt--X--Mello--Love (It has a friend now. <3 Love you, dear.)
Gold from __ luna fatale
Aquarium Hermit Cat from Anonymous (Pingas. o: )
Blue Flame Shoes from Makio Akimitsu
Roco Rochel Costume Ring from Anonymous (yayring<3)
Single Sunflower - Bouquet and Dove White Kachina Dancer's Wings from --Matt--X--Mello--Love (Thank you for that much needed smile. <3 You're so awesome, un~)
Nano-C from MyShoelaces (Holy craaaaap, thank youuuu. <33333)
Tsunami KO Classic Jacket from Zigurat Redclaw (Gross. xD)
X Gold from electromagnitisum (Thank ya. o: )
Certificate of Adoption from sakura-haruno-sister (Swimp!)
Tampax Flowing Dress from Anonymous (BUT I KNOW WHO.)
Boy Mood Bubble from wafflepancake27 (Thank you. (: )
Orinkage from Anonymous ((WHOA WHOA WAIT WHAT))
X Gold from electromagnitisum (GFHGLD You're amazing, un. ; A ; <3333)
Dark Reflection from Anonymous (Thanks! <3)

Thank you, un! ♥
I have a thing for the 'mystery' items, un. :3

User Image

♥ My Crystal Treasure ♥

User Image
Lol, I love my plushie. (: ♥
I took that picture, un. >>

User Image
Bye-bye now. (:

All art in my signature, profile, and journals were drawn by me unless stated otherwise, un. Please do not steal it, and if you wish to use it for something, please send me a PM so we can talk. Deidara is 100% against art theft. mad
(Also, I don't want to have to start slapping watermarks all over my stuff. Dx)

I am not taking requests right now, un.

450 kisses received during the Valentine's 2008 Kissing event, un. Cool. :B
38 Valentines for the 2009 event. :3 ilu gaiz

Bridges I've been dreaming are going down
They're changing my future
Visions I had buried underground
Return us our futures

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can i be your partner ? ill be tobi if you want .w. SENPAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! 3nodding
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Happy Super Late Birthday, Senpai!
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Art is a bang, un~