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I talk alot so if you see me around and you want to talk go ahead and talk cuz i can talk all day XD


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Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 07/04/2013 3:44 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
Thank you hun. Love you too.
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 03/11/2013 1:07 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
"Sorry, but your mother is right." *I can't help her in this situation, since Arthur is right and if I had known she had already ate... I wouldn't have offered my sandwich in the first place. It felt good finally getting something into my stomach... but not I was starting to feel tired again... Damn... why was I feeling like this? Nothing ever kept me down like this for this long.... Even the stabbing that occurred a while back before I purposed didn't leave me in this bad of condition for this long... After twelve hours I was able to walk... I can barely lift my arm...... f*ck this sucks... and my eyes showed my irritation.*
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 03/05/2013 8:24 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
*I had already put the other half of the sandwich in my mouth, but had barely bit into it... I stopped and looked at both my daughter and husband.... and held out my hand for the other half of the sandwich, while trying to keep mine in my mouth without spilling...*
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 03/01/2013 6:40 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
*I watch Venellopie's face as I unwrap one of the sandwiches with only my left hand and smile weakly, taking one half and handing it to her.* Here you go. *is all I say as I wait, my stomach beginning to growl as I was definitely hungry right now.*
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 02/27/2013 10:05 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
*I look up and smile at the sandwiches, but frown at what Venellopie said.* Daddy did something really stupid.... *I say as I look around to try and get up... My right arm was completely out of commission as it had the IV's and such poked into my arm and my hand... well yeah, that didn't go so well the last time. I, however, find the bed control remote and try to make it enable me to sit up, sadly I hit the wrong button and my legs go up just slightly. Making me frown.*
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 02/27/2013 9:51 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
Wait... what do you mean? I took you to school this morning myself... Wait... How.... *I say as I am looking at my daughter but then Look over to Arthur as I am thoroughly confused.* Just how.... long have I been out?
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 02/27/2013 9:45 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
*I was sleeping quite peacefully, but wake up the instant I hear my daughter call me. Stirring awake I look towards the door, that was only thing letting light into the room, and smiled.* "Hey, Venellopie... how was school? *I totally try to look fine, but it's not working. and Being hooked up to machines and an IV didn't help either.*
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 02/27/2013 9:22 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
*I try to look at you as I blink repeatedly.* I'll.... be okay.... get something for yourself as well... I'm just really sleepy too... But when you leave.... Could you... hit that damn light off? My eyes are killing me.... *I say as I try to turn to get away from it, only to have another dimmed light right in my face....* f*ck me........
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 02/27/2013 9:05 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
Hmm... Well..... I feel like Mathew smashed my head open with his hockey stick and I accidentally ate one of your poisoned cupcakes.... but now that I think about it, I'm actually hungry.... I haven't eaten anything all day... *I say as I am deep in thought as I try to look at Arthur, though wincing as I do so.*
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones Report | 02/27/2013 8:55 pm
Alfred F Kirkland-Jones
*The doc quickly nodded and motioned for his team to get over there and wheel Me out and into another room, quickly.... though the sudden change in brightness started to make me stir... Even with my eyes closed... it hurt... god why was I soo weak? I hated it.... They wheeled me into another , more smaller, room and started looking me over, checking my hand mostly and taking blood work... When they finally finished they dimmed the lights as I started to wake up...* Ugh... Art....hur.....? *I looked around for him but even with the lights dimmed, it was still a little too bright to see anyone clearly...*


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Alfred F Kirkland-Jones

hope to talk to ya soon

hope to talk to you soon

Love you lots! And so dose Derpy!