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Location: Durem

Occupation: Alpha of the Gaian Werewolf Hub


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Hello; my name is Artemis Caine. You may just address me as "Caine", however.

If anyone recalls Halloween 2k11, some very interesting things happened at the Von Helson Manor. For starters, Evil Timmy and his helper created a new version of Gro-Gain, which had the side-effect of turning those who drink it into werewolves. However, these wolves were created from reckless humans; mindless, and too weak to fight the influence of the potion. They sought out and murdered humans for their flesh, and a war was waged in the Mansion -- humans (and human supporters, such as the vampires) against the werewolves.

As the battle within the Mansion raged on, Ian Von Helson and Rufus the Cat were able to stop Evil Timmy and his minion, sending them to jail, and stopping the distribution of the Gro-Gain Max. After that, most werewolves drank an antidote and returned to being human.
Unfortunately, some of us were already too far gone...


I am Caine, a seventeen-year-old werewolf currently residing in Durem. Since 2k11, I've regained my senses enough to know that being a wolf is awesome.

Anyway, I've been trying to find werewolves like me -- those who don't want to go back to being human, and who are perfectly happy with their lives as wolves.

Many of my human friends/acquaintances have been telling me to start a Pack. And that's just what I'm going to do.
I am currently the Alpha of the Gaian Werewolf Hub.

If you are a wolf as lost as I once was, don't be afraid to talk to me; I can help you find a Pack if you are looking for one. And if you just want to chat, go ahead! I don't bite! ...much.




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