Ars Memorativa, the art of memory. I am the memory of avi's past. Why? Because this is like my fifth one. You guys can call me Mike. I'm really friendly and all that blah, blah, blah. I started in Gaia in 2006, but thanks to some people, the avi doesn't exist no more. But hey, let's look it at a positive perspective, a new start, a new beginning smile

If you must know something important about me is that I love writing and reading. I have like 20 novels in my house. I love thriller fiction. I read Dan Brown's The lost symbol, Stephanie Meyers The host, The Associate of John Grisham, and blah, blah blah. >.>

I like talking and socializing with people. Like I said, I'm friendly and lovable to most people. I dislike rude comment and discrimination toward other people. I believe that all people are alike, but not the same and that from our errors we learn. ^_^

I'm a student, and always will be. I'm old enough to talk about everything.I like expressing myself with literature. I like writing novels, poems, plays and other things. I believe I am a good writer, thanks to God. :3

I like joking a lot with my friends. I love my friends, well, my real friends. I know like a 100 people, but I have like 10 friends only. I hang with lots of people, but I don't consider everyone a friend. I love to RP, so, PM when you want to or feel like it ^^

I like hearing music and I also like composing it. I play the drums and I love playing them, too. I'm planning to learn to play the piano next cause I want to keep expanding my horizons in the music. I'm also christian, not ashamed of it although I'm not so inside church like I used to.... I hope I return one day completely and... Wow, I think that's that... I think... 0_o?

I thought the feelings get a bit stronger,
As you and I grow closer.
I knew some how it gets colder,
If I will stay you a bit longer.

I have not found the feelings for you.
And I was pushed to be blue.
I knew that it is not something new
The love I have is not truly for you.

I’m afraid I might loose a friend
If I say let’s just be friends.
I know somehow you feel it too.
The love I have is not really for you.

I may be blinded by my friends and tribe
But please forgive me for I still have my pride.
I cannot say I love you too.
Co’z it’s not true and I know you’ll be blue.

Can I call you yard to yet.
and believe you too can fly.
The sadness of a humming bird's bet,
is that you both know why.


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Mauritania Bathory

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Mauritania Bathory

Mi thread para quien guste charlar. ninja

Aqui el link.

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hola pasando a saludar como estas ^^

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pues vamos por uno :3

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hola pasando a saludar
*dejo chocolates*
Lu Sosa

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Lu Sosa

3nodding Oooh! En realidad mi apellido es Polimeni, pero uso el apellido de mi mamá que es Sosa para mi sobrenombre. Familia descendiente de España, no?
Little Megan Williams

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Little Megan Williams

I don't really like Quebec. The scenery is nice though.
OHHHH cool!
Little Megan Williams

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Little Megan Williams

Wait... you mean real life? I'm from Canada.
But in roleplay I'm from yet another forest RP.
Little Megan Williams

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Little Megan Williams

Noth'n. I'm just waiting for people in my roleplay to post.


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