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==========if ur on my friends list, u now my name, and thats that. U should also know this.

==========I am a christian and i have no fear in saying it now. I can truthfully say that i wouldn't be here today withot him wathing over me, seeing his love in everything. His word is something that can make me feel that i am not alone. He commands us to love one another when we hate with passion and act with malice. He carries us when we are weak and guides us when we're strong.
==========One day, a good friend told me that God didn'tlove her. She said that God has never seen her tears, heard her cries.Then, she asked me how is that love?
I had to hand it to her, this one caught me off gaurd. I didn't reall no how to say it so i told her i could.
I said that all the love in this wasn't from us. It all came from god.it didn't come fom atoms or chemicals in our craniums. He loved him us so much, he gave his love to every person so they could love one another. Wheather we choose to pass it around is our choice.The gifts and acts of love are ones you don't always want to see. The clothes on ur back is a gift. The food on ur plate is a git ur house is a gift . Being alive, talking to me right now is a gift. and to top it off, We sin, spit in his eye and yet through all his disappointment, he loves us the. the same.

=========== i believe that music is one of the greatest gift God gave us. It's the one thing that reaches all the way down into ur soul. It can make u laugh, cry, and want to punch someone in their junk.
it is the the one thing that connects our screwed up world together
and make us all reallize that though not everyone is the same, our hearts are one. It never fals to make me realize that we need each other. It tells us that we can't do it on our own. We were not made love ourselves, but made to love one another. music crawls into ur head, grabs ur emotions, and screams: "WAKE THE ****** UP!!!!"

===========i have a lot of beliefs that i care about and am lyal to, but they don't compile to make me.
i love to hang wiyh friends, laugh, and to put it all together, have fun. after all, i'm not dead yet!


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Hey! ^_^ lol

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ckgvxsditgvlhg coyxglcvlguco!!!!