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Wheatley Pendleton Report | 09/08/2014 5:27 pm
Wheatley Pendleton
((XD That's alright! It's up to you, really. I don't mind either way.))
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 06/23/2014 3:55 am
Wheatley Pendleton
Even more flailing of the arms, but without his message getting across, it was useless. Giving up, he slumped back into his seat and shook his head, making vague gestures that might have translated into frustrated remarks while pointing to the door. Other than the shoes belonging to the people currently in the house, there was also one extra pair. But who would wear a pair of such tiny flip flops?

Never mind, he just flips his hands into the air and folds them back, glaring at the both of them quite huffily.
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/29/2014 7:00 pm
Wheatley Pendleton
He yells some more, lips moving but only a droning buzz of static is audible. He might have swore, perhaps, or it was something else? The android holds his hand out to Arnold anyway, pointing to the tumbler and making a 'give it' motion.
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/29/2014 8:15 am
Wheatley Pendleton
"And that's only if he goes out! Guess what! All it takes is a hat and glasses and poof! People don't recognize you! Little kids like you will, probably, but that's it! People don't particularly care to look! Much less if people go with him anyway! Who'd expect that!"

His tantrum continues, but now with one arm flapping away at the birds above. The tumbler bounces over to rest at Arnold's feet.

"Tell you?! Why, he's here in this very room! You're just blind, aren't you! All of you are - "

- followed by static, and a surprised expression. Oh, looks like someone blew out his own speakers. Mouthing unreadable words, he tapped in frustration at his earpieces. Dang things were smoking, already.
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/29/2014 5:57 am
Wheatley Pendleton

He cries at the both of them, audio speakers turned back up to maximum volume. Well, that seems to have busted a fuse!

"You could! You could! I'll dare you to! Break your little shoe on it! Spill that stuff all over the floor! See if I care, I'm the one who has to clean it up! And the kitchen! The poor old handicap has to clean it too! You think you can just come in willy-nilly and ransack the place?! Hello, people are trying to live normally here! Crush it then, if you would so like to, just to prove such an insignificant point! Then you can take those evil little birdy pets of yours and get the hell out!"

While he is screaming away, a glimpse of white and red flashes across the little window in the tumbler.
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/28/2014 7:05 pm
Wheatley Pendleton
He eyes Rice warily as Ebele comes nearer, hand stiffening in anticipation.

"What, you can't tell what an object is on looking at it? Gee, your eyesight's worse than mine!"

Now, if she would give it back quietly... It would be out of the danger zone for both residents of the house.
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/17/2014 10:01 pm
Wheatley Pendleton
For a moment he wheels around to face Arnold, fixing him with a narrowed stare.

"Serious? It wouldn't be serious if birds weren't evil! Every single one of those feathered fiends, can't you see them just waiting to peck your eyes out?! And you!"

He turns back and glares at Ebele. Rice was the only thing deterring him from wheeling over and snatching it right out of her hand. So he holds his hand out to her again, optic switching between looking at her and Rice furiously.

"It's a tumbler. What do you expect? It holds stuff inside and keeps the temperature constant. That's a tumbler for hot soup you're holding, and I believe it's someone's lunch. Now give!"
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/13/2014 10:41 pm
Wheatley Pendleton
((XDD That's alright~))

More objects are flung into the air in response - the cushions off the sofa, the beanbags near the bookshelves, a couple of clips and cups and a stool or two. All bumping against the ceiling and raining clatters and crashes on the tile floor until Rice finally went back to his owner. Only then does he look around for his tumbler - oh. Oh dear.

The tumbler, silver with neon-red lines and a strange black circle on one side, looked pretty much out of place against the rest of the more 'present day' objects in the house. Pendleton's optic focuses on it, then on Ebele, and he holds out his hand for it to be returned.

"It's a project of mine. Mind giving it back?"
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 05/02/2014 6:24 am
Wheatley Pendleton
There's no shifting from the white room, at least, none detectable. But then any sound from the room would be drowned out by the shrieks and screams erupting from the android, who tries flinging the tumbler at Rice in an attempt the shoo him off. It barely makes it off his hand before it plummets straight to the ground, miraculously not breaking apart upon impact with the tiled floor. It rolls towards Ebele, tapping her on the foot lightly with the red ribbon tied around the cap.
Wheatley Pendleton Report | 04/29/2014 6:24 am
Wheatley Pendleton
He allows himself a snicker as Arnold goes to investigate the portal. Nah, he was nowhere near enough to push him. Personally. But there was many a way hidden in the walls, just waiting for him to give the signal.
Nah. He ended up not bothering. They fell for the red herring enough, as it is. The room beyond the portal is completely empty, save for a couple of flattened cardboard boxes. Just strangely lacking in furniture and a visible source of light, yet it was lighted.

"Technically, I am helping no one. Just helping myself. Anyone else that benefits is just.... Just coincidence."

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