Dis *****.

I like transformers, not just the movies but the shows, the toys, the voices, and lore, the everything. I'm not a hardcore fan but if someone where to mention transformers I'd sit my a** down and listen to them.

I love bears. I have a bear bathroom. Bear blankets. Bear statues. I'm also really hairy like a bear, chest hair, arm hair, and leg hair. No back hair because that's gross. MY CHEST HAIR LOOKS LIKE A CRUCIFIED JESUS

I love video games but I'll hate your taste in them seeing how it's just CoD and BF3. I'm excited for Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, Anarchy Reigns, Fall of Cybertron, and Borderlands 2.

I'm taken and happily in love with Bromances. She makes me feel like I'm actually a good boyfriend and not a loser. She's that kind of girl that you ask more about since she's so great.
She's mine. Forever and always and no one can change that.