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I'm 21 yrs old

I'm Agnostic, and no that is not the same as Atheist. don't even try to convert me for i will flame the livin' hell out of your sorry asses. I like to talk about philosophy, but if it turns into a god-and-savior leaning chat, I'll automatically lose interest.

I don't like to get into politics. The arguments that can take place when talking about such subjects can lead broken friendships and some seriously awkward situations. I prefer to talk about other things

I hate large crowds, loud noises and talking about things that make me uncomfortable....
Sad part is that I live in the city, so the first two are BIG problems that I can only solve by getting out as early as I can and getting back home before the rush-hour starts or right after it ends. I almost always get caught in the rush hour. And even if I do manage to escape the crowds, I still have to deal with the noise at home- people have issues with realizing that not everyone likes their music. DX

I love foxes so much that I would gladly have myself genetically altered into a Fox-human hybrid if it were possible. I'm currently writing a book about some thing like that...
Unfortunately, after getting a few pages into my second chapter, I haven't written anything new. Damn thing's supposed to be my meal ticket into the writing biz.

I'm a very calm and non-confrontational person as long as I'm left to my own devices. I don't really see what people find so entertaining about making others mad, I see acts like that as a confirmation of personal conflicts. This of course doesn't mean that I won't try to fight someone for pissing me off. I'm no pushover... Not anymore.

As for my last interest, I'm a Furry. Which in my case means that I'm just your average human being that likes animals on a higher non-sexual level than most people. No, I'm not crazy and no I'm not one of those freaks you see on the streets of new york at night. I'm just different.

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Arkham The Philosopher

just a book that was written long, long ago...


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Arashi Yanagawa Report | 06/01/2012 7:26 am
Arashi Yanagawa
Summer is good so far, slow as though it is. And yourself?
Red Triple X Report | 05/28/2012 1:55 pm
Red Triple X
Happy Bday Arkham Shadowfox! I no that we haven't talked much l8ly, but I am pretty sure that u have been busy. lol Anywayz, have a blessed bday hon, kk? Luv U! heart
Amarylis13 Report | 05/28/2012 12:18 pm
Have a Happy D'day!
Zelda shadowmask Report | 03/12/2012 6:27 am
Zelda shadowmask
Sorry for the late reply! & thank you btw. cat_3nodding I thought that was kinda normal..? Shadowy Human shapes. It's like..well.. like your shadow, but it's walking around. If I don't sleep for a long time, I start to see them. It's usually things you see out of the corner of your eyes. Sometimes I'll think it's one of my roommates walking by, so i'll start saying something, but then when I turn and check, no one's there. cat_sweatdrop So I don't try to stay up if I can help it.
Darasha Report | 02/02/2012 1:19 am
Thanks for the buy!
Rykela Report | 01/22/2012 5:06 pm
About 18. XD But I've asked other people for them, too, so you don't have to worry too much! :3
Red Triple X Report | 01/16/2012 3:19 pm
Red Triple X
I'm doing great! Got wi-fi now. How about yourself?
Don Platinum Report | 12/14/2011 5:59 pm
Don Platinum
Demon_soulex Report | 12/12/2011 4:16 pm
Izalright. Tiz jus'a scratch.
Demon_soulex Report | 12/11/2011 1:40 pm
Thanks for the invite(s) to Resort World. I'll check it out soon.


The beauty of darkness is in how you use it
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Its when the darkness starts using YOU that evil takes hold


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