Greetings and salutations.

I am a 23 year old author. I love the trill of gaming and action, though I'm a bit of a chicken myself xp. Anyway, I've currently undergone quite the transition of being a different person, by summer I should have completed the whole transformation.

Most people don't know what all I enjoy but those who are close know I'm a bit of a hyper person. I love Vocaloid, Techno, and anything with a good beat as I am strangely attracted to certain variations of music and vocals.

I am an aspiring vocalist that wants to soon take my vocals on the road and post them up on You Tube, but I have no time as of late to do such, let alone the proper equipment to do such. I love art though I'm no good at it, and I love to color. It's just something that I find fascinating to great extent.

I love when people ask me about myself and love to get the best accurate answer that I can, so please, PM me and ask anything. Or go to my tumblr page The Empyrean Fort Which goes to continue on to my favorite game currently, Dungeon Fighter Online. If you play, please contact me and I may play when I'm not babysitting or doing chores~


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