Mule of Denesca. Temporary main until I get my old one back. xp


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Glad you like it
Diem Alara

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Diem Alara

Eh, there was past precedent to put 'em on edge.
And I ain't particularly miffed 'bout it outside the inherent psychological loss aversion.

Biggest problem is that I honestly don't remember what the lazy feather hair and coat were called.
Why are there so many itemssssss?

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Well, rye is cousin to wheat and cousin to whole-grain.

My avatar is like middle-ages nobility in that it can only marry its first cousin. I blame the Court of Versailles.
Kira Ayanami

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Kira Ayanami

If you're interested in that shade of green it is usually under verdigris. Can be a pain to find at reasonable prices though.

And thank you very much. I've been trying to keep the thread mostly up to date for those interested in it.
Romeo Flowers

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Romeo Flowers

hello fellow mule account. sorry to hear your main account was banned. welcome back to gaia

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LOL I have never left! I just lurk more nowadays with a comment here or there! I'm more of the scheming behind the scenes now type of pickle lady.... ninja


Female - She/Her
'05 oldbie

Denesca's mule. My main is banned (for now).

Guys, until COPPA is revised to have more common sense, for the love of the Gods,
don't even say you're joking about being underage unless you want to end up like me.

I'll return to my normal purple-and-blue self in April 2020. (Hopefully sooner.)
((I'm actually 29. gonk ))