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User ImageHello there, adventurer! Welcome to... hmm, I haven't actually thought of a name for my workshop yet. Let's just go with Aria's Workshop for now. And please don't mind the scent of smoke, I was just cleaning up after an explosion in the workshop.

Anyway, my name's Aria Cresenti, and I'm a rookie alchemist. As an adventurer, you probably want to know more about my services. Obviously, since this is an alchemy workshop, I can synthesize some items for you. I can do potions and stuff. You know, items that adventurers need.

If you want to do the synthesizing yourself, I also sell base materials. I prefer that more, that means the customer is interested in learning alchemy. Yay~

I also accept special requests, and by special, I mean those synthesis requests with specific details. Like this one time, I had a request from an old guy who said he wanted seeds that yield rainbow-colored grass. I accepted because he agreed to pay extra, but seriously, why the heck does he need rainbow-colored grass? Was he a unicorn rancher or something? 'Cause we all know only unicorns eat rainbow-colored grass, that's why they fart rainbows whenever they fly. Oh, not that I hate unicorns, it's just a weird request, you know? So yeah, just tell me the request and I'll see what I can do~

What? You said that I'm just a rookie? W-Well, yeah, but I can make basic requests. I have a lot of potential, promise! I just... makes things go BOOM when synthesizing from time to time. But I promise that it's very rare. We all learn from our mistakes, right? Heh...

If I'm not here, I'm probably at the Chatterbox forest, foraging for some ingredients. I used to spend a lot of time there in the past, so if you've already traveled there, we might have met at one point. I-I'm not good with remembering people, s-sorry. Anyway, I decided to re-open my workshop after taking a long leave, and so here I am. Hope to see you around, adventurer. Teehee~



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