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Ares: Goddess Of War

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The Truth About The God Of War

Short Fictional Story To Help Me Build My Character Personalities And Backgrounds For The Fiction Novel I'm Writing. The Characters Belong To Me, As Does The Story Line, Plot, Etc.

My Personal History Lesson


When warriors - when fighters - become nothing more than shadows and dust, life will cease to be. No one will fight for the life they are given or the lives they are given charge over. That, Loki, is why I exist. I ensure that each and every individual with life has the will to fight for it - and for the lives around him or her. Now tell me, Trickster, why are you here? What purpose do you have in these worlds?
-- Ares, Goddess Of War [Journal Series]

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Allfather Odin Report | 09/13/2014 8:30 pm
Allfather Odin
Aye, thank yeh though much of whom concerned, thought provoking opinionated towards Ares being of male.
Typical Asian Girl Report | 01/15/2014 1:42 pm
Typical Asian Girl
Thanks for buying ! Please come again . emotion_dowant
MomoShino Report | 01/15/2014 1:02 pm
tanx for buying! //_^
Tuti_98 Report | 01/15/2014 5:44 am
Thank you for buying from my store mrgreen


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