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The Last Archseraph


*With an arrogant and contemptful tone*
I am WITT, the ArchSeraph created to be the absolute guardian of Heaven.

*Changes to a rancorous tone*
But The Creator BETRAYED me. Originally as the angel of Nature and Darkness, I would NOT be bound. I wouldn't be controlled. But what He didn't see... Is that I didn't NEED to be controlled. I loved my home more than myself. But that weak creator feared me. As a neglectful father, He tried to send me to Hell... But He didn't saw when I released myself from His sentence.

Weakened, I hid inside the Earth's core, and slept for thousands of years. As guardian of nature, I evolved, adapted. And with my dark heart, I became darker... Darkest. The Darkest existence in the whole Existence. Fueled by the rage of the Earth's core, I've born again as "human". I lived amongst mankind, with my memories forgotten, watching all the atrocities they made for the Earth and under it's protection, but I was still part of them. I grew up and became a great defender of Earth and the Humanity, trying to establish a balance for that world. But it was all...

IN VAIN. Mankind is too much immature, and corrupted by it's greed. Soon, my powers and my memories went back and, seeing all that madness, I couldn't protect the Earth anymore. Knowing me as a dangerous being, the humans tried to stop me. But I had already made my choice. From the ashes of the love I once had for humanity, rose a deep scorn.

*He sighs again*
I went to the void of the universe, and far from Earth, I crafted my own world. Gaia. The Dark Earth. I created it's sentient races who would defend it at ALL costs. Eventually, the humans came after me and my world. But I wasn't just an angel anymore. My power grew and I ascended as a god. At this point, I already was the guardian of Nature, Darkness, Rage, Death, Night and Shadow, the element between Darkness and Light... But more was yet to come.

I fought countless battles and spent aeons with my Dark Gaia. Exhausted, I divided myself into four minor deities. Darkest, the guardian of Darkness and my soul; Iridus, guardian of Night and my sword; Tawrel, guardian of Death and my shield... And Tahnalos, guardian of Rage and my armor.

From Gaia, they made the most powerful empire in the whole galaxy. Now they united to awake me again... And once this happened, I shall assume my position as sovereign of the universe, ruler of the Sogowan Empire and the Dark God.


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Seraph Heenah Report | 05/04/2020 8:05 pm
Seraph Heenah
vem cá vem cá, vem cá vem cá
Irianah Moonlight Report | 05/04/2020 4:31 pm
Irianah Moonlight
Iridus Report | 05/01/2020 6:09 pm
Vish mano VISH
Walter Darkest Report | 05/01/2020 5:49 pm
Walter Darkest
kkkkkkkk eu destruí todas as chances de ser feliz nessa existência desprezível biggrin DD
Seraph Heenah Report | 05/01/2020 5:41 pm
Seraph Heenah
Tudo bem mas não sirriti
Lord Tahnalos Report | 05/01/2020 4:48 pm
Lord Tahnalos
Irianah Moonlight Report | 05/01/2020 4:39 pm
Irianah Moonlight
Emperor Tawrel Report | 05/01/2020 2:54 pm
Emperor Tawrel
volteeei 8D
Omegael Report | 05/01/2020 12:52 pm
No céu tem pão?
Emperor Tawrel Report | 04/30/2020 4:07 pm
Emperor Tawrel
Ñaõõõõõõ kkskskskskskskskskk



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