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Birthday: 06/08

How to find me. I will always respond back :3

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Just someone who has a variety of odd hobbies.

Okay but like who am I kidding I am SUCH A HO FOR SUPERNATURAL OH LORD. Castiel can show me his angel blade any day good god. I am incredibly passionate about everything. EVERYTHING. I love a lot of things and I don't believe in holding grudges it's such a waste of time. I am very protective of the few friends I have and I've been blessed to have very good friends.

Contrary to popular belief I'm very much an introvert so it may take a few seconds of talking before I release the crazy. Most of the stuff I say are not serious. Really, 99% of the time I'm joking around because I like teasing people. IF I TEASE YOU IT MEANS I LIKE YOU. But of course, I'm all about those sweet boundaries and consent so if anyone is uncomfortable tell me to stop and I won't be offended :3. On that note, I am rarely offended.

I have a very strong personality. Please don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I'm very honest and kind of brutal with my words sometimes. Oh and I'm demi!

Alright thanks for reading my profile, bye biggrin

Note: I love cosplaying and I'm a huge nerd so occasionally my sig will reflect that. Despite the sometimes professional looking pics I don't take myself too seriously. I'm a mess half the time haha. My sig pic will probably change every week.

What my friends want to say :D

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SharkieBait Report | 07/05/2015 10:55 pm
I will, thank you emotion_bigheart
SharkieBait Report | 07/05/2015 10:46 pm
SharkieBait Report | 07/05/2015 9:09 pm
PMs still set to friends dear smile but, It's really simple, I promise smile

I'll start trade - you'll get a 'New Request' notification and it'll tell you I've started a trade with you.
Got to cancel the item from your bank, then come to the trade window, find it in your inventory, click it and it'll be added to the trade.
Verify I put the right amount and you put the right item (I'll be placing name and price in the header for record-keeping purposes)
Then, put your password in twice - once to say you're offering the item into the trade, second to say you've accepted my offer for the trade (if I change anything on my end, it'll ask you to double verify - so don't worry about me shorting you on the gold)
Then, i accept on my end, and we'll be done ! biggrin

Once the trade is done, i'll remove these comments from your profile for you smile
SharkieBait Report | 07/05/2015 2:22 pm
You have your PMs set to friends only, otherwise I would've PM'd you all this.

I'd like to offer 210mil pure for Astra: Whipping Light Brown Devil Tail - Please PM/comment me back yes or no so I can keep looking.

Thank you - Sharkie.
S h i s u D e s u Report | 06/08/2015 8:22 pm
S h i s u D e s u
Happy Birthday Luna darling~!!! heart Hope it's and was grand, along with all wishes coming true~! cat_4laugh
Oobster Report | 05/27/2015 2:13 pm
Thanks for buying <3
NecHocNecIllud Report | 12/27/2012 5:16 am
Thank you for buying my Majestic King.
XxRednBlackxX Report | 12/24/2012 5:21 pm
Happy Christmas Eve emotion_yatta
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Virtual Earthquake Report | 12/11/2012 5:12 pm
Virtual Earthquake
Thanks! I mainly need a lot of Goldfish, Guppies, Pink Flamingo Feathers, And Old Crumpled Newspapers. 3nodding
XxRednBlackxX Report | 12/08/2012 3:39 pm
aww :


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A little bit under the weather




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