One born of a dragon,
bearing darkness and light,
shall rise to the heavens over the still land.
Bathing the moon in eternal light,
he brings a promise to Mother Earth
with bounty and grace.
~Mysidian Legend

I am a dragoon, one of the few eternal warriors chosen by the mightiest of dragons. My weapon specialties include but are not limited to, greatswords, dual knightswords (two holy swords called Alondite and Ragnell *yes, I took the names from fire emblem*) and spears, as a spear is the trademark of a dragoon and the first weapon they are trained in, before being set free to learn new weapon skills.

User Imagemy familier and pact beast, the dragon god known only as Bahamut

Oh yes, I'm also in the U.S. Navy

An artist's renditon of my Avi User Image Eien, you are teh awsomest