woohoo a song about my current avi chosen by Meushi

Things I Dont Have But Would Like To :3 {Hint, Hint ;P}

Talkies XD

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LaMellow Report | 06/28/2009 12:02 pm
Dang!! i see that your dog loves the camera ^^
skylarklovesme Report | 06/13/2009 9:59 am
nevermind. sorry.
skylarklovesme Report | 06/13/2009 9:58 am
I will trade you 230k plus a 2007 Feb. TY letter for your bani clips.
Unicorn Lady 2 Report | 04/25/2009 3:20 pm
thanks for buying smile
pussyorange_cat Report | 04/17/2009 3:00 am
The Lovely Picolitrosso's Urn:
You know you could be the one to make the value of the Urn into 2 million or one. You are one of the highest sellers on the market. There are petitions are being put out. Just a message from the people of Gaia. Have a nice day!
candy of death Report | 04/16/2009 9:22 pm
happy late b day
yan-yanderePINK Report | 03/29/2009 4:01 pm
hello um is it ok if you can make a deal for your Picolitrosso's Urn i currently have 93000g and have some collectibles too so ya....
pige_nicole3 Report | 03/29/2009 3:07 pm
Thanks for buying!
_punk_rocker_yuzuyu07 Report | 03/21/2009 1:57 pm
thankz 4 buying ^_^
u hav a nice pro
ihamtaro Report | 10/05/2008 7:57 am
Hello, Uh will you take like 11k for the star fish. please?

The Randomness Of Mehee Xx

My name Hannahs. heart
I'm 17 years old. I'm usually a happy, hyper person.
My favorite colours are pink and yellow.
I like playing video games - X-Box 360 etc.
My favorites are COD4, GTA4, Halo, PGR and alot of others I love racing games though :3
I love bunnies and sparkly things ^^, oh and my invisible friend Beatrice the huuuge Pink Elephant.
My mule is, Miss Pink Faiirie, I loved the AVI so much i made a mule for it lol.
I have been playing Gaia since April 2008.
I am currently questing:
User Image
heart Id like a donation Pweez Lol

User Image
Me redface

If you really want to find out more then just join that huge group of stalkers I have that follow me around hiding behind bushes and under cars. That should get you what you want XD

One thing you really should know though is i LUFFLES my doggy hes my baby! heart

User Image

I chose my name as i am HUUGELY scared of spiders and then i seen the Chestplate of Arachne and thought it really realted to my name alot ! so i bought it and as you can see i now have it on yay *Dances*
There was once a reclusive race of arachnids who were known to symbiotically live off of its prey by living inside of their bodies, thus controlling them. Arachne ruled as Queen of the Eastern armies for a century before the people discovered she was not human -- thusly executing her on the spot. Shortly thereafter, the Eastern armies fell.

A Poem from ~ future miss author
Gather 'round children tis time for bed
One quick story before you sleep
Go on, lay down your pretty little head
And pray that God your sould will keep.
The story I will tell is sad but true.
So be wary of spiders around you.
Do you remember our pretty young queen?
Of course you do child and yes she was.
Our queen came into power very young
She couldn't have been more than fourteen
But what people didn't know was this
She was a host!
A carrier of the aranae!
Oh don't be scared child. We lived peacfully enough
Did we not?
But you see, the reson she was killed
Was because people thought the same thing you did
She's posessed of the spiders, she'll bring ruin.
So they killed her.
But you needn't worry child.
You're safe here, in this bed.
Sleep well, and have dreams of peaceful fields.
I am currently Questing

All the EIs, that i like ofcourse xD, heres what i have~
Biancamella 3rd Gen
Gro-Gain 1st Gen
Kelp o' th' loch 1st Gen
Picolitrosso's Urn 1st Gen, 4th Gen
Yama No Tamago 1st Gen
Coocoon 1st Gen
Padmavati's Lotus 1st Gen
Furugasa 1st Gen
Hermes' Moon 9th Gen
Enchanted Book 1st Gen
Gimpi 1st Gen
Dander 1st Gen
Tama's Basket 3rd Gen
Fausto's Bottle 7th Gen
Green Corallus Egg 2nd Gen
Death Whisper 1st Gen
What I Need!
Alruna's Rose
Inari's Beads heart
Hopefully it wont be that hard to get them all. xD

Donators <3 {Special People}

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Spikey Spiegel ~ 5000 Gold
The Logic Daemon ~ Lovely Genie Spangled Bra
Error Panda ~ 10000 Gold

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

Piccies Yay!

My Baby!!!!! Isnt He Fab?!
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