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Hey everyone. Long time, no see-- for those who have known me before this update.

My name is Felix Rivera, and I am a 20-year-old man of Cuban/Puerto Rican-American descent. I go to a university on a presidential scholarship, where I study Social Work in hopes to become a legislative social worker on a national and/or international scale, if possible. I'm by no means financed enough to make this happen, but hard work always pays off; and I never give anything in my life a half-a** effort.

I've gone through many, many different changes in my life up to now, and I believe that I am finally unraveling who I am as a person and embracing myself. I've been faulty in several areas of my life and intend to correct those faults as well as prevent future ones from occurring. Alongside my epilepsy and Asperger syndrome, I suffer heavily from depression. This doesn't make me moody; I'm a very upbeat, passionate and lively person. It does, however, make me think deeper than I ought to and limit how happy I am at any point in time. People have a negative idea that depressed individuals are mopey and, as such, aren't worth connecting with or interacting with, and I stand as a huge opposition to that idea.

Beyond the serious aspects of me that I just wrote about, here are a few things about me that make me who I am:

> I have always been involved with singing and acting in my life, though recently I don't as much. I'm an awkward blend of a baritone-tenor and have a very nice quality to my voice. I have a very natural vibrato, too.

> I am a very observant and reflective person. I'm the type of guy that analyzes people subconsciously, and it allows me to see the good in people on a very deep and sincere level. I see through people; their habits in the way they speak, think, act and feel, which allows me to connect with people meaningfully. Ironically, I'm not the greatest at sniffing out those with harmful intent, in relation to myself. I'm excellent at reading people from a negative view outside of myself though, which makes me a good protector of my friends.

> I love video games. I always have and probably always will. I'm a Nintendo junkie more than anything and Yoshi is my main squeeze-- especially in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I main Red Yoshi and go by the tag NPT| OverEazy. I'm ranked #10 in all of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

> I also love writing and art. While I'm no virtuoso at any of them, they're good stress relievers for me and I like to think critically and abstractly.

> I am very opposed to gender roles and norms that favor men. I cook, clean and do housework willingly and lovingly-- especially cooking.

> I am no athlete, but I do enjoy playing sports casually and working out daily or as close to daily as I can get. It also relieves me of stress and I feel driven when I work out.

> I may seem awkward at first, but I am a very loyal friend and companion whenever I'm in a relationship. I've always been the type of person that puts others' well-being before my own and will continue to be that person for as long as I live. I will be there for you as soon and as often as I can, and provide unconditional love. I will also tell you how it is, and be very plain about assessments when asked, so be prepared to hear what you don't want to hear if you come to me about a situation and I disagree.

I've probably written too much lmao, so if you have any other questions, let me know! I'm always an open book!

Best Wishes,


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An account of Felix's day that may or may not discuss deep, emotion-invoking thought processes and ideas.


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Haralt Report | 01/15/2018 2:16 pm
^____^!!! How are you today? Or just in general.
I'm pretty ok.
Haralt Report | 01/14/2018 8:45 pm
hey bud
Haralt Report | 01/13/2018 10:37 pm
I feel you. people don't help either, with that lol
"But you don't have a REASON to be so depressed"
yeah that ain't how it works
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Haralt Report | 01/13/2018 10:31 pm
ooh *petpet* I sorry. I understand. I have major depression myself
thought to be bipolar but now maybe not? idk lol
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Haralt Report | 01/13/2018 10:23 pm
Boyfriend stuff. Living situation stuff.
Health stuff. And car stuff.

other than that I'm ok lol
Haralt Report | 01/13/2018 10:15 pm
I'm alright. stressed, bored.
My least favorite combination of emotions lol
How are you?
Haralt Report | 01/13/2018 10:00 pm
hi redface
KIssmewithpassion93 Report | 09/07/2016 1:01 am
Hey handsome,
How are you? Im sorry ive been busy (forgive me senpai gonk ) we need to chat more often maybe we need to exchange numbers lol. Miss you buddy <3 .
i have a personal question but afraid to ask...... if you want my cell just message me <3. Well talk to you whenever.. Finally got a laptop and started collage so im a busy chick now ^^
Cya when you get back on i only check to see if you comment aint that silly
Amii heart
KIssmewithpassion93 Report | 08/19/2016 6:15 pm
Hey Deary,
Yeah im fine just using imvu now a days. How are you? Hope you are doing well.. Miss talking to you so much<3 . hope you can get on tonight we can talk in towns
KIssmewithpassion93 Report | 07/08/2016 9:36 am
I'm in and out sweets, sorry been busy. Chat with me in towns sometime?


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