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Me, Myself, And Anything But You

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I just need about...1.3 million more! biggrin

Hi I'm Kevin, Kevonavich, or Kevo!, and this a bunch of crap to help you get to know me biggrin

I ish Kevin and i be amazin. I am also gay and single! Party time haha razz So if you wanna get to know me then i dun mind, just dont be a jerk and even if you do i might still like you biggrin . I like to be an optomist even tho i dont act like it a lot, haha. My B-Day is April 22, and I am 14. I go to a high school and it is very boring, but i want to get an edu-ma-ca-tion so i can be very rich when i get older. To all haters you can SUCK IT! Love yah!Bye!

P.S~ I am in a state of noobism. Please help me regain the awesome status I once had. Donate!

I love you, So tell me you love me back below!

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Garrus K Vakarian Report | 08/07/2012 4:11 am
Garrus K Vakarian
Figured I might as well throw a post Fruits way, while I was at it.
ii RAWR_DYLAN ii Report | 06/05/2011 12:30 pm
babe i don't know if i have your e-mail. sorry i was gone so long.
xXxMommy2BExXx Report | 02/19/2011 9:27 am
Kevo! Dyls says you aren't allowed to get knocked up! Just thought I'd let you know
nathan_hitachiin1234 Report | 12/30/2010 9:32 am
im good how bout you
Taoris Report | 12/09/2010 6:42 pm
Uhh wow... it's kinda hard...
Ohh where do you live?
What emotion on the keyboard do you like best? (btw i like this one ---> :3)
.... yeah i'll think of something later....
Taoris Report | 12/06/2010 8:00 pm
Alrighty then~ (again answering these shiz is fun)
First time looking at porn? OMG! ok long story just to tell you, i found one tape in the basement in one of my old houses and at the time when tapes were still in. one day we were bored and i was with ma bro john (btw he was 10 and i was 5) and so we watch the tapes and we found this one tape so we played it and it happened to be porn.... yaay and a reminder i was 5.
First time falling in love? ohh wow... that's a good question... i think at gr 3 i loved this dude named philup... ot something like that, he was like the hotest thing when i was... 8 was it?

there you go..
OHH you answer those questions too, i wanna know biggrin
ii RAWR_DYLAN ii Report | 12/06/2010 7:41 pm
ohhhh yuuhhhh o:

and NOW i'm going to bed, school tomorrow grrr /:<
ii RAWR_DYLAN ii Report | 12/06/2010 7:29 pm
how would we get a picture of us? o.o?

and i just said that to get your attention
ii RAWR_DYLAN ii Report | 12/06/2010 7:16 pm
i ish not gunna make it tonight....good night :c
ii RAWR_DYLAN ii Report | 12/06/2010 7:08 pm
i sowwie :c

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