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___안녕하세요? 제이름은 아빠곰 입니다. 만나서 반갑습니다~!
___Hello! How are you? My name is Appa Gom.
___Nice to meet you~!

___People know me as 신동우 but I am better known as
___B1A4's sub-vocal, sub-rapper, dancer and resident ___bear, CNU! ㅋ

___When I am not making music, I help out at a
___special place~ I run a shop with my close friend!
___We sell lots of delicious Korean dishes and delicacies~
___Is your tummy making hungry sounds?
___Why don't you come visit us? ^^

*Disclaimer: This is a mule account specifically for my minishop Gomsemari. In no way I am trying to impersonate the actual individual. He is only based on CNU, my kpop bias. >//< Thank you!♥

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[b:1e4ef5c64c]Get your Korean food fix @ our Mini-Shop below![/size:1e4ef5c64c][/color:1e4ef5c64c][/b:1e4ef5c64c]
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