Hello My name is Roshia,
I'm random & I eat children for breakfast. I'm also 18 years old and I am a freshman in college studying in criminal justice. I can speak Russian, Ukrainian and English. My hobbies is drawing, sewing, writing, and watching you through your window. I work for the KGB now also Vladimir Putin is my hero. Hetalia fandom & yaoi = ew. In gaia I like to hang out in ChatterBox & art forums most of the time. I also have a crazy obsession with avi art. I buy high quality art so pm me your art and offer. I'm nice most of the time but don't push it. I adore watching horror,world war II, Bollywood, fail clips, Supernatural series and comedy movies.
My most favorite type of music is Romanian, Irish, & Scottish music. My favorite bands are Within Temptation & Evanescence.
Anyways if you want to know more dont hesitate to comment me or pm me. Bye <3