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Oh, freaking great
now my dairy is out of order. So the events take place as 1 being the last & two being the first. Though I have to say. this case is extremely interesting with this new piece of data

About me

I may not be Aost. But, I'm still an investigator. I'm going to remain anon. Why? cause I'd rather not get any Further involved in all this. At least as far as this account gose.

Any account that I make & do this on I will Add them to this accounts friend list so if there is an impostor you'll know its not me.

I'd rather not but if the time calls for it I guess I will at my own cost & perhapses at my dear friends requests.

[only if I like you]

On request I have added information on the right side of my profile to a journal entry cause some people's browsers can't see the right.

I changed my mind I'm letting you comment's on my journale

heres my profile comments link:


About Aost

I think there are more than one of them. They all change there typing styles rabidly. Its like they took turns. I think there are about 5-15 of them. 15 being max. Why?
because when Aost first comes in he is a thread bumper with horrible grammar & spelling. He tends to have "<><><>><><><><><><><><><><><><>>><><><><><>" Off an on but that might just be due to the fact that gaia took the ">" Off in towns. But, there reasoning ability changes as well. The personality of the typest dose as well.

Aost one:
Bumping threads

Aost two:
Uses people to challenge Link. He used quotes in his reasoning. & divided them up. He deleted all his posts from the A vs. L indecent. he had good grammar & spelling

Aost Three:
Joins link's clan. and act's link an idiot.

Aost four:
about the same as four. But, attacked link a little.

Aost five:
Posted like Aost two but did it without quotes & used memory. Also misunderstood things & replied weirdly.

Aost Six:
Is the one Tzu called a hacker by what AOST said on another account. Clearly Tzu holds info from him & the public. He hasn't moved. Azu thinks it's link by how he talks. Or his friend said that. I forget which.


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This is the information on the right side of my profile that people can't see. I have disabled comments in here so that no one can comment unless they pm or comment the profile. if you can't see the Q & A part on the profile I don't like you.


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Link & Luc

There are several key words he uses in his rambles.

Key words:
I will mention them latter


side note's of Aost=Azu

Note: I update these things so what I first though is at the top then comments at the bottom.

I know this Profile is to prove Aost is also Azu I'm having a hard time piecing the similarities. If I had to guess I'd say my though on there being more than one Aost was right & Aost was Aost five. They both try to mirror others typing styles & analyze peoples personalities.

after talking to Azu for a while I see that they only have the same habits.
I question if its possible Azu pretended to be serious in links clan.

I found that Azu actually requests certain people to be recruited into his clan. The members recruit for him. He just makes sure they stay active.

I think Azu's to much of a goof to be serious.

Azu can't make an alliance if his life depended on it I don't think he could have convinced Atext & Dino to leave.

Azu hinted a few thing about knowing more then he tends to share about himself & Aost... The topic quickly digressed to something else.

I found out that Azu's extremely good at holding conversations with himself.

I found out that Azu's apart of Urban knock. If he can somewhat copy or even mirror another person typing style he's using Zhou's.

I found that Azu is found of Tzu & Tzu talks similar to the way Azu talks. In other words Azu took his own typing style & combined it with Zhou & Tzu's. I think.
if anyone can find out when ::he role played like this:: then I asume he could still be Aost five.

I looked threw Azu's last few posts in the I.S clan. If that's all an act it kind of scares me.

I can't prove Azu was Aost five. there are pieces that say he is & things that say he isn't.

I guess Aost what happened is this:

Aost five [Azu] didn't like waisting time with link he tried to leave & then the whole clan fell apart. Aost five decided to leave dramatically all the sudden & killed links clan then made his own clan? So then I guess he never admitted to being Aost cause he was never the real Aost. But, he was the one that left/took apart his clan. With four ppl who favored him & Aost "excuse to leave" the members decided to leave.
-Link had all power
-He could just say things he wanted done then they'd be okay-ed
-There recruiting stopped cause Aost lifted. [which means that there was a fight between Aost four & five]four was the recruiter.
Basically Dino, & Atext realized when Aost lifted link could do what ever he wanted. Link decided that it was all Aosts fault. [Ideally it was the balance of him being there.]
But the conflict came close in time when Aosts conflict with Thee Alchemist appeared. Aost's personality slowly changed when She joined. So I guess Thee was one of the Aost's.

For Azu to admit he was Aost you should probably not act stupid & pretend your going to chop his head off. [that's basically what your all been doing]

now, now, children. You should always give someone a chance to admit something you want to hear & what they want to tell. Other wise you'll get no were.

Azurux = Aost Puzzle solved


Alright. -.- this is kind of a love story. heh, heh. this is b.s I don't want to right it. [I'm only going as far as Azu & thee] (I don't want to look up the rest & do all this pming again @_@)

K. It all started when Thee & Azure meant. I guess they became good friends. Azure had a knack for noising around into things & was there when Kitten posted in chess pieces. He contacted her threw pm's this apparently interested Aost 2. Cause link was involved in the info. In other words he could get info without doing the dirty work. & running the chance of getting caught in his main account.

Azure felt like causing trouble I assume & pmed Link telling him about Aost. He gave info to both parties & told them they should just pm each other. [I got this put of what link posted in the official Aost vs. Link thread or one of the other ones]

after that it looks like it was passed over 2 a good recruiter [when Aost joined the clan. Note: Azu picks the recruits & makes it members missions to recruit them]

Sometime around there Azu became one of the Aosts & told thee. So since Azu tells everyone anything he told thee it all. She was interested.

[omg there are to many Aosts to keep track of. I'll make something for this latter]

So thee became an Aost. Azure was clearly very protective of thee If you look at Azure shimura's recent posts you'll find a closed clan. Flip threw the pages & He'll be freaking out on someone for getting to close to thee.

Well Thee joined N.O & since he always rants about link being a smooth talker [atex (sp?) scared him into thinking this if its true I'm not sure] So that would be the motive of freaking out & quiting N.O. He was afraid of losing his friend to link.

I guess that all makes sense on the whole user password thing.

Again I only Assume this!!! if anyone thinks I should change or edit it tell me.

Side note's on Link= Nova, blackhole ect...

Note: I update these things so what I first though is at the top then comments at the bottom.

Note: alot of what I say I barrow from what Aost six says.

I don't think Nova was link. I rely think he was IP banned. But, I don't know him. well I'll barow some interesting information from all around for link I think I'll make a new profile for him

I talked with link on another mule account, he won't reason with me on getting the facts.

Azu gave me some interesting piece of data I will make a mule for link Aost dairy 2.

Link is fairly disrespectful in general.

Link= NOVA, blackhole, ect... Puzzle solved

Past wars of link

Chess pieces: Apparently link was on cloud nine from the TLG 'incident' & chess called Light mosey gay so link freaked out & declared war wouldn't stop he lost his rep.

Shinigami: the leader ordered that a select few of his members keep an eye on him for some unknown reason. One of those people still do on habit watch him.[questionable]

knight: I belive link started crap with good & mcan just got involved.

Good: No idea

Daughters of Gaia: Link was being a racist big like he always is & insulted them. I'd say no s**t he's he's a religious hick. It's just in him to pull that crap when he has no reson to not say what he feels

Son's of Gaia: Link joined this clan & knights Good came after him. Ned defended him but link Pissed the daughters & son's off so they were banned.

Link uses he's smooth talking on Rokkuio & Mcan it worked & there now allied.


Link involved himself with 2 mafia clans & provoked them into a war.
By going in there & pretending to be someone then pissing off all the members all mad they went to war to take it out on the other one.

So Aost six theory actually makes sense & using that bit of evidence from the mafia war link actually starts to build a case against himself.

Q & A

Why on an account profile & not a forum?
I like it cause I have more control over it & Someone from another thread can't delete my post. I can just make a new profile go on there & say look at my profile. Also anyone can look at it anytime they pls. [don't have to go threw page after page of text]

What if you were hacked?
I think I should report you for saying that... I have several accounts with the same information. So if the hacker feels like hacking 30 accounts he can be my guest. For everyone he hacks I'll make 2 more.

Are you going to do this everytime there's a case?
No, only this one. Why? cause in every case there is only one truth & it should prevail.

Why are you doing this?
I'm Bord

Can I hire you for something?
No, I have a life.

Who do you think is who?
I think Link is all of them cause he said Aost made the whole thing up he had to make up his own case. So for more Drama he created Aost. But, Azu doesnt match link at all. However this profile is dedicated to the fact that Link is NOVA. Azu could have been one of the Aost's.

Why did you name it the Aost dairy?
Cause no one would look if it was a simple username like tickle or berryxxx9 Also if I named it links dairy I'd get nasty replies & everyone would have though it was rantings. Aost was the best to choose if you think about it

What if someone trys to pose as you?
Any account that I make & do this on I will Add them to this accounts friend list so if there is an impostor you'll know its not me. [add's this to the about me part]


This is rely not Aost. I chose this name cause these are the pictures Aost had on his photobucket. Its oposite of link's user name. Aost_of_Order.
Azure Shimora
Aosts Dairy
Don Azurux
Don Azurux
Aost dairy 2
Lead Aost

Link meant Azure [during his war with chess] Link contacted him threw one of his old clans

Azure introduced Link to Aost [out of warning]

Link challenges Aost

...in the end.Link is most likely Nova, blackhole.Azu is likely to be Aost five.

Aost claims to be a member of the past N.O. Link reintroduces him to Atext, Nova, Dino, Fenn, & his sister. He also gives Aost permission to join his clan. Aost leaves may 2nd

Link keeps contact with Aost. may 3a new clan comes up. When Aost leaves Atext left soon after Dino did to. Nova appers when Dino leaves

Link think's that this new guy is Aost. However it's farily unusual for Aost to create a clan just before he leaves N.O With link breathing down his neck. Aost tells link of IS Azu's clan 11 days after it started. Nova Suddenly starts posting after LINK_OF_CHAOS0911 got the link. Rite after Links first post he began fallowing link into town & scaring off new members talking in all caps & swearing.

I am anon

Azu continues to get complaints about link. Eventually he confronts him & Link starts to think he isn't Aost. Link threatens to start a war. His terms were impossible to fulfill. Link's threat to war was false. Or Azu managed to something but I have yet to find this. Azu declares war on Aost & so dose link. This however is odd. Why? Because Azu supports the DM Created by the dandies. about a minute latter Nova replies & Link finds it at the same time it was created

Link creates a thread for people who are attacked by Blackhole

Azu closes his clan. He tells everyone except Link why. x3 Link stalking him & talking to him on a mule in town was tedious. Lucky number 27

link get mad about Azu closeing his clan & says that he is Azu & he closed his thread "to prevent Link from attacking him." dedicated to finding out who Aost is. Or rather a mass of rambling that proves notheing other than the fact that he is Nova. Of course that comes latter with Aost5 post that he showed me sometime ago. I even thought Azu= Aost, Nova, Blackhole.

Aost told me he was leaving links clan with dignity, & that link could say what he wanted about him. But, if link went looking for him he would strike him for looking for trouble. So It looks like the cause of it was all Link & his paranoia. [might not be true but that's what I got when I asked him what he was going to do when he left-ed N.O

Link tells Aost he has 12 pages of evidence against him. Aost called it a bluff. & suddenly link had computer problems [true of not no idea though I should throw it in]

After further research I found that Azu closed his clan so he could recruit in peace & regroup his members & make sure all members fallow the rules. Since the public date is 27 the date they really do come back would probably change out of fear.

Azu tells me that Aost want to stop the fight & Link wants walk the system freely without Aost trying to attack him. I short they both want the same thing. But, link wouldn't talk to Aost. He also didn't want Azu to tell Aost he was afraid. Or something or other.

Any account that I make & do this on I will Add them to this accounts friend list so if there is an impostor you'll know its not me.

Dairy 2Link's story