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I pwn you biotch!!!!!

We were both wrong

The original Angel Society, page 57

Thee Alchemyst
:Rofl: Awesome, Wolf.

Does anyone know if you're able to report someone for being a bone-headed narcissist? (Luc is that. And I'm not afraid to tell him, either. So go ahead and read the posts, you dunderhead!)

Luc, if you DO read these... I'd like to tell you that I AM AOST. So don't go whining to Azure because you think you know something when you really don't. You're just an egoist, and nothing else. Please, do us all a favor and just either A. Change and move on, or B. f**k off, and don't you dare return.

Sir William LeFraiche

I don't think you can. If you could, that would be enjoyable.

This "Luc" person of which you speak of sounds... like the kind of person you would not like to befriend, to say at the least.

I was looking at the

& Sir William LeFraiche posted so it seemed a little odd for a by stander to get so involved let alone support the spam.

Well in conclusion the thread you made is now nothing more than harassment. neutral nice job -.-

you can keep playing detective link. Just leave the real stuff to the Professionals. Or you can continue to make a fool of your self.
Lead Aost