About Me


I love anime and am easy to get along with. I can most of the time be there when needed to talk to.

I have been playing GaiaOnline since I was a little girl and have recently made it back.

I have sworn my soul to TCH- a gaming community with a bunch of weebs and jerks like me. I'm the psycho one known as "Yuno Gasai." I don't say I'm psycho for no reason as anyone within the group WILL tell you: if you mess up or if you want to mess with MY home, I WILL get rid of you. Funny thing is I'm not even the strongest or even the scariest. However, even if you try your hardest, you won't make it to the master dragons alive. You'll simply be another story to the metaphorical blood on my hands.

However, that being said, we are actually a very welcoming group of people. yum_puddi I'm just a hardcore peacekeeper on the outside but the moment you start talking to me you'll see that even I am sweeter than a**.

"I Eat a**!" ~Everybody on TCH~