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Ah, hello, seeing that you have stumbled here, you have made it to my profile. My name is Antimony Wormwood, codename: lightlavenderlily, and I will be your guide to the inner workings of my profile. whoo very exciting. stare Don't worry, I don't bite (yet). So, do you have the ears to hear my story?
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After born into a ninja family with the uncanny ability to vaguely see into the future, as well as her quirky and eccentric personality and small frail figure, Antimony was cast aside as a failure in the unforgiving world. Due to this, she had to develop abilities and skills to keep herself alive, including the ability to use guns, knives, swords, etc. using her talents only (maybe only) when her father was away to work and she had to guard the fort or when traveling outside. However, even though she developed a tough outer personality, her quirkiness still stayed with her. 15 years later, she completely changed from her small outer figure; she was tall, athletic, smart, and funny. She did great in school and made a few friends, yet inside, she still felt incomplete. Am I to live a systematic life like all the rest? Then, one day, while walking to her gym class, she fell through a ditch in the grass and fell unconscious. However, this was no ordinary ditch; apparently it was a wormhole to different dimensions. As Antimony fell, her left eye went through a metamorphosis as the atmosphere changed; it changed into a dark star form and as both her eyes turned red she was able to not only see the immediate future, but take her to different dimensions. With this, Antimony soon noticed (after waking up) that the different dimensions were almost the same as where she lived, with slight differences. However, she was soon taken by some mysterious dark figures (which were actually the same) the moment she landed. Wanting to keep the idea of travelling dimensions a secret, yet, not wanting to lose a valuable resource, they keep Antimony and hire her as an agent. Finding out that the reason for that wormhole to appear was that a group planning to turn the universe of the mind upside down to put it under their control, her job is to stop them. Using her old skills she developed when she was only so young and her new eye, she travels to different dimensions to accomplish her missions at night, while attending school back at her old dimension by day, helping out at home with business, and keeping her secret. Life could never be any stranger.

States of Clairvoyance:
Recently, while on a mission, Antimony noticed that as she got faster or gained a new skill, her eyes began to change as well. When her eyes are red, she can cross dimensions and see the immediate future. When her eyes are black and white, they are at their second state, and she can feel their minds and intentions while gaining speed. This level can last for an hour before it causes her to lose energy, only replenishing by massive eating. At their final state, Antimony's eyes turn blue and give her immense energy (in forms of large fox ears on her head) and control of the situation, but the advantage only lasts 5 minutes and wears her out afterwards; only replenishable by sleeping. She only used the final stage once, but, due to some unfortunate circumstances involving trauma to her eyes and head, doesn't plan on (or even be able to) using it again in the near future. However, she continues to work in her field using new technology, determination, and luck. whee

Different Dimensions:
Traveling to other dimensions can only be done through dreams. A person with a strong mind and the capable abilities can travel and live through these dimensions instead of just watching like the normal human being. Due to this, Antimony's work happens after school and in the nighttime (in her world).
As Antimony travels into different dimensions, she has to blend in with the species living in the area. This includes hair change, eye change, clothing change, body change (ears, legs, etc), and even sex change redface . The government gives her pills in order to change from her normal self into other states of species.

Appearance and Stats:
1. Name: Antimony Wormwood
2. Codename: Lightlavenderlily
3. Job: Government Agent, ninja, student.
4. Hereditary Skills: Clairvoyance, flexibility, quickness, Ninja, a bond between most animals, an inherited fox spirit guardian.
5. Weapons: Revolver, sword, knives, and a bit of hand-to-hand martial arts, and eyepiece to enhance eyesight and receive orders.
6. Experience: rookie to moderate; eye stages allow her to gain experience, but have been recently hindered by a battle scar and trauma to the eye and brain in a recent case.
7. Age: last seen as 15, now confidential
8. Build: Athletic
9. Hair Color: Purple in color, but job forces to change constantly, so uncertain.
10. Eye Color: constantly changed with contacts, but when using clairvoyance, the left eye gains a star and both eyes turn to specific state. Her star eyes usually react to adrenaline rushes in Antimony's body for battle and survival and "turn off" when under normal circumstances. After a recent devastating battle, however, her eyes cannot change to the star form. She is left with a scar on her left eye and occasional hallucinations of her dreams.
11. Personality: Reallty depends on the day. Most of the times, I will come off as a spacey and cheery person (and sometimes a happy troll). rofl I can be caring to my friends and give good advice (and gifts when life is awesome). But, put me in a bad temper and I will come to get you. twisted Otherwise, if no one talks to me, I am the silent one and will mind my own business.

Mother: estranged from family sad
Father: heartbroken, he left and never returned home crying
Little Brother: disappeared after a terrible accident emo
Precious Little Sister: Nomy Wormwood 3nodding
Fun Facts about Me:
1. I LOVE ANIME and VOCALOIDS, especially Hetalia and Vocaloid, for the time being.
2. I'm a shapeshifter, agent, and a ninja, so you will never see me in one outfit for a long time as I jump from job to job very quickly.
3. I tend to poof sometimes cuz I'm a ninja.
4. I'm a NINJA.
5. I like cheese, turtles, owls, dogs, cats, cute things, and being a ninja.
6. I get drunk from expired Sprite. redface
7. I love vodka and aisu!
8. I love music and art.
9. If you want to have a fun conversation with me, just mention some anime, historical event, vocaloid, Gorillaz song, mathematical insanity, Chemistry, Biology, poetry, art, or a blurb about life. I'll listen.
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I love anime; I've watched A LOT, so if you want to talk about one, I'm all ears. I tend to like FMA, Rosario Vampire, Bloody Monday, D. Gray Man, etc, etc, and so on and so forth. I also love jpop, a little kpop, just Asian music in general, and the Gorillaz. Recently though, I think I now have a passion for vocaloids. (reference to the media section) I love to sing (but I have the worst voice; its a horrible combination) For hobbies, I like to draw (a lot), read, hang out with friends, and play on here. Good friends are also awesome. They're fun to talk to. I also love donations/gifts. I try to give out sometimes as well, so look out; I may be watching. eek
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Profession: fellow gaian, student, ninja, secret agent User Image
puzzle solver, artist, and good person to talk to, tee hee.
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That's about it. Ya scared? Then scadaddle off to some other happy profile and leave me alone before I whack you silly. Want to talk? Send me a pm/comment or maybe if you are awesome, send me something awesome. I would love all of those. Well, thanks for dropping by and listening!

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Oh!~ And some of my favorite things to say:
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cool avi
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Whoa?! Complementary gift with purchase? That's coolpants. C:
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Julienne Dreams
60k would be excellent. 3nodding Send trade?
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I'm still interested in selling it. ^^
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Eeee! Yup! I am!!