All the problems of the world come from people who think they are God.
In life it is fire that keeps us alive. The fire of higher purpose or the fire of self gratification. Without fire one looses the will to live. Oh how shallow is the fire that can be blown out with a single fact or theory that makes sense. Living so long with the flame of higher purpose, the second flame can no longer sustain me alone. Even when the blue fire (higher purpose) goes out it sparks and relights again.

Kyuuketsuki Shinobu
I know you're never going to see this holyman, but for in case you do - You're a good guy, and you'll do the world a whole lot better away from your compy. I'm gunna miss fightin with ya.............. and for the record - I still think you'd make a good candidate for the Dark Gift. twisted Laters angel boy.
-This is touching. This was before I came back.

does it hurt to reply back in other peoples profiles when ur talking to them XD
because its like someone siting in a chair in cally and your off in a boat in new york or some far off land and your like yeah your cool *insert random reply* with out any sort of macanical item that helps you say these things face to face :F geeky interpitation but its like talking to a wall realy, when i didn't even kno you replying to half of what im saying to you, its just wierd finding you talking to your self more then me in my own profile , so i gota chek your profile more often is taht it ? so when i say hi i gota look at your profile to see you say hi to your self ? XD
-I'm still not sure waht this means. @_@

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-By Menace.


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Random Notes and Things

This contains notes about various races appearing up around the GUA (Arisen) and other things for RPing.


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Tigure Hime

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Tigure Hime

kanimi/doublelilly here
changed my name !

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*sneeks up from behind and covers eyes* Guess who holyman...
Tigure Hime

Report | 05/06/2009 5:14 am

Tigure Hime

i find it funny that you even have that comment > .<
Tigure Hime

Report | 05/06/2009 5:11 am

Tigure Hime

ROFL MAOoooooooooooooooo xD

@ kanimi my old account
it ment that

I never could get your comments cus you never commented in my profile xD so i found it wierd that you talk to ppl In your profile and not theres

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*sheepish* Hi...

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D: !
Lord Raven Orion

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Lord Raven Orion

If you are interested in fun Wheel of Time Role Playing, check us out:


ps. Mention me in your request if you would.

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Wow! I have been gone a long time... I can barely function/stay on track in this site anymore XP .
Professor Inky

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Professor Inky

Psst.. You should totally post in the RP.
Anthenor Grimoire

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Anthenor Grimoire



The world's problems come from people who think they are God.