[x] Anonymous Kitsune
[x] 20
[x] Joined --/--/05
[x] EX-Vendor / EX-Exchanger


1.)What other sites are you on?
- Currently, not active on any avatar site.

2.) How do you have so much gold?
- Vended and Exchanged.

3.) Can you teach me?
- Teh Vending Guild and Teh Hoarding Guild is what i use for me info.

4.) But can YOU teach me?
- No... sorry, dont have time for that.

5.) Can you donate?
- No...sorry, i dont donate to no one unless i know them well.

6.) Can i send you a "Friend Request"?
- No...sorry, dont accept random "Friend Requests".

7.) I seen someone with your art claiming its there's, what do i do?
- Notify me , and then report them ASAP.

8.) I have other questions , but there not on here... can i PM you?
- Of course, just title what your wanting to ask please.