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You never know a person while you haven't the interest of meet it.

Hello!! wink wink
My name is Anny 25 // Scorpion // Gnostic (?)

More of my personal information is not your business sweetie~

I like paint, draw, write, meet people and... Idk whats more put rofl

I speak English and Spanish (that's my native language), I'm from Venezuela heart and...

Maybe that's it for now (?)

Do you want know me more? Just feel free to talk to me in a PM blaugh

My social Media:

Instagram: AnnellySB (Most of the post are draws but... Feel free to watch)

Discord: Anny-Sama#5840

(only if u want continue meet me out of gaia, ask firts PLZ!)

One more thing: Sorry but I don't going to accept random friends request annymore so... If you wanna friend me, meet me firts, PM or maybe on Towns that would be nice heart Thanks for understand sweetie~ emotion_kiss


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X-THRASH TILL DEATH-X Report | 06/11/2019 11:28 am
Hiiii Anny you silly face!
MelodyofaHeart Report | 06/10/2019 6:20 pm
Hello! Your Avis hair color is nice, I love that color so much! Wow I've never read the books on your favorite books list, what are they about??
ZweetPanda Report | 10/14/2018 10:42 am
right and ear aches on top of that! just hasn't been my week lol
how you've been?
ZweetPanda Report | 10/14/2018 8:07 am
hi and thank you! i've actually been sick the last couple of days.
glad to be feeling better though smile
l Astrea I Report | 09/12/2018 4:15 pm
l Astrea I
Aww entonces me alegra muchisimoo! Disfrute de la pequeña y cuidela bien emotion_yatta heart
l Astrea I Report | 09/12/2018 3:07 pm
l Astrea I
No hay de que heart lo vi y pensé que te podría gustar para combinar con tu avi haha whee espero que realmente te guste!
DO_Fish_DO Report | 09/06/2018 9:01 pm
Awe you're so sweet. Right back at you. You're style rocks.
l Astrea I Report | 08/28/2018 3:34 pm
l Astrea I
Asdas Gaia no me avisó que me habías respondido 💔 perdon la demora en contestar QnQ
Y qué lindoo! Me alegra que la estés pasando bien! Son unas vacaciones bien merecidas whee disfrutelas!

Yo se podría decir que más que vacaciones ando pasando por un tiempito sabático de la uni por problemillas ténicos xD
Tengo que retomar el ritmo y tengo mello :'D hahaha

l Astrea I Report | 08/26/2018 3:55 pm
l Astrea I
Buenas buenas! Yo todo bien y vos qué contas tanto tiempo? ; u ;
l Astrea I Report | 07/12/2018 3:54 pm
l Astrea I
Lo sé me imagino emotion_heartbroken no hay que decaer, pronto se van a venir tiempos mejores ; w ; muchas fuerzas! Te mando energías positivas desde acá!
y ñeh al final termine haciéndome sándwiches de queso x'D 👍🏻

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