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The Legends

There are references to Lilith in many myths and legends, from the ancient Sumerian mythology to the Old Testament.

In the Cabala, she is refered to as the first wife of Adam. At first, God created both Adam and Lilith in the same way and from the same substance. Lilith was aware of this fact and refused to be submissive to her husband, claiming that since they were both conceived in equal manner, there should be no difference between them. She would say 'Why should I lay down beneath you? Why should I open myself beneath your body? Why should I be dominated by you? I was also made from dust and, therefore, I am your equal."

When Lilith inquired God about this, He told her that it was the natural order of things for the woman to be dominated by the man. Refusing to accept the idea, she left Eden, never to come back.

After her departure, God created another wife for Adam, Eva, who was created from a part of his body. In this way, Eva would never be an equal to her husband.

God also sent three angels to look after Lilith - Sanvi, Sansavi and Samangelaf. However, she refused to come back and joined the Fallen Angels, marrying Samael.

Lilith represents the fight for equality between male and female, the liberty of women and the castration of men. She was also the first woman to rebel against the patriarchal system.

Throughout History, the figure of Lilith has been associated in many different ways with evil, demons and the Underworld. She is refered to as the mother of monsters such as the Incubus, the Sucubus and the Lamia. Her children and her were also somehow linked to vampirism, transforming Lilith into the Mother of all vampires.

Concepts such as Night, Moon, Death, Pain, Disease and Luxury are commonly associated to Lilith.

The meaning of Annitu

The word 'annitu', in ancient Sumerian, means something similar to the English word 'behold'.

Therefore, Annitu Lilith means 'Behold Lilith'.

The Letters

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Becka333 Report | 07/03/2010 9:19 am
I stood facing the countess slightly confused. "And how do I prove myself worthy?" I asked. Heart thumping and fingers shaking, I wondered if this was what it was like to know you were the prey with the predator so close. ((Sorry I haven't replied in months!!!!))
Allerisse Report | 07/03/2010 8:27 am
Hello buddy, I thought I'd check on how you're doing, it's been quite some time since we last communicated. Everything going well with school and stuff? smile
Piercing Angel Report | 06/28/2010 9:48 am
Piercing Angel
olá! te vi no barzinho! Estou tentando me cercar de pessoas com mais ou menos a minha idade aqui no Gaia... Rariadade...
Thy Smoke Report | 06/27/2010 11:25 am
Thy Smoke
Hello and how are you? my name is Thy Smoke but most call me Master Smoke. I am the leader of a guild called The Demonic Ninja Clan but its way more then just ninjas . we have tons of fourms, roleplays , music and tons of other stuff . If you would like to join click the banner below fill out the guild form on the front page of the guild . thank you for you time

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Winters IceBlue Report | 03/24/2010 11:45 am
Winters IceBlue
Ah- sorry it's been forever since I've replied. ^^' I was consumed by a computer game.

I suppose the story itself was a one-shot, though I'd classify it as an off-shoot of another story, a situation that could have happened but was decided against. I tried to put in essential information that I thought would make the reader want to know more, really. I'm not so sure how it worked, knowing all the backround already, and the practical follow-up of what would happen.

Working on one book at a time is a good thing. Probably that was my one peice of commentary that I'll never ever listen to myself, you know? But yeah- I don't think a lot of people would know that King wrote in a differant name. I didn't until I saw the book at the Goodwill that I got it from...

Actually, my Great-Grandmother had twins- my Grandmother IS a twin. 3nodding Though... I hope I grow a couple feet- become tall... cause I'm kinda short... in a way. I'm a medium-short, if you go Tall, tall-medium, medium, medium-short, short. What hight on that scale would you be, out of curiosity?

To reach my dream? I'm practicing by putting down each plotline that rolls off my tounge on paper whenever I feel it. Lately I've been forcing it, just to keep in the habit, but that'll pass. I'm also taking quite a few classes next year, too. And I'll look up other authors, and on and on. Studying their advise, and all that.

As to your parents... Kool. I suppose they were waiting till they were financhally stable to have kids and all that?
Bloody Sapphire Report | 03/15/2010 10:51 am
Bloody Sapphire
yeah I saw Alice =P

hmmm... I dont trust movies on what people say anymore =P Alive is supposed to be number one and I didnt like it much. lol

oh wow OUCH >< ur stomach sounds scary! =0

oh my weekend wasnt so great sad my BF wants to break up with me so thats all I have been thinking about, and when I do think about it my heart hurts sad
I tried to get my mind off it with Friends.. and Fishville =P and movies and video games ^^
it sorta worked.. lol
today I get to ask him if we can still be together.. I hope he says yes ^^ I know he doesnt want to break up.. its like hes being forced to do it sad
Allerisse Report | 03/15/2010 7:03 am
Ooh, you don't like insects much?
This giant grasshopper/praying mantis (I'm not sure) landed on my head when we were in the country a few days ago.
It was about the size of a closed human fist.
It was pretty heavy, too.
People around me either laughed or freaked out.
I was just glad it got away before someone squished it or something.
Darker_Do_Po Report | 03/14/2010 8:20 pm
Sim graças a Deus acabo esse ano xD!!

Bom planos tenho pra sao paulo
ir pro sul!!!

E até nao seguir minha profissao!!
Eu tenho um sonho de entrar na policia federal
entao no momento é oque me motiva...
e oque pretendooo

e até mesmo servir o exercitoo!!

E vc quais seus planos?!
H 3 L L I U M Report | 03/14/2010 7:33 pm
H 3 L L I U M
I agree with your views on euthanasation. It should be up to the person. As far as abortion goes, I'd rather not breach that subject, not because I think it shouldn't be talked about, but because I don't know where exactly I stand. On one hand, to take the life of a perfectly normal child, or even a chold that shows signs of mental issues is wrong, on the other hand the child may live in missery. I hate thinking about it becuase I always end up arguing with myself over what is and isn't the right way of things :/. My thoughts also regularly change. Like right now, I'd have to say that I would tell her that if she's that bent on abortion, she'd need to go somewhere else. I wouldn't try to bend her will, I'd just refuse to be the doctor to go through with it.
I do believe Jesus was human. The son of God, yes, special, yes, but human none the less. He was of flesh and blood just like you or I. He faught with temptation and sin just as anyone else would, but being who he was he was able to resist it. He was also able to die, was he not?
I don't know why, but your comment about Jesus made me think of Christmas. December 25th was originally the pagan selebration that honnored the son god Deus Sol Invictus. The decoratuion of trees arounfd this time was also practiced long before the first Christmas tree. Pagans usesd to hang apples from evergreen trees which represented the god Balder and were also a symbol of fertility. I don't know much about other European religions, though. What I do know comes from the little reading I was able to do.
Darker_Do_Po Report | 03/14/2010 4:22 pm
hauahauahua o calor ta dificil de aguentar mesmo xD!!

resumindo eu nao aguentoo xD
prefiroo quando faz frioo!!!

Sim sim faço faculdade tb!!!
Mas imagino que vc estaja em uma faculdade publica..
e que curso vc faz?!

Eu estou cursando Marketing na Unip desde 2007 tb
esse é meu ultimo ano!!!

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