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Report | 11/30/2008 2:19 pm


Awwww ^////^

How you been Missy? <333
DR3AMS 1N D1G1TAL's avatar

Report | 11/30/2008 12:05 pm


User Image Maybe we have o.O!? <3 lol
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Report | 11/30/2008 11:46 am

Miss Petticoat

Ah yes. Aren't grandmothers wonderful? I love my grandma to death but she picks on me a lot. I go to one of the top universities in my state and maintain my grades while holding down a job, and yet she still fusses at me for not knowing how to iron. That's really not one of my concerns at this moment in time ><
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Report | 11/30/2008 11:45 am


Thanks =] Gummi's are delicious

Yours is amazing!
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Report | 11/30/2008 11:42 am


Not lookin' too bad yourself. Though that hand may need to be looked at soon.
Miss Petticoat's avatar

Report | 11/30/2008 11:34 am

Miss Petticoat

I don't paint my nails because I don't have a very steady hand. I can't even remember the last time I painted my nails, aside from some clear nail polish.
Miss Petticoat's avatar

Report | 11/30/2008 11:28 am

Miss Petticoat

Hey, there's nothing wrong with being girly once in a while *is doing my nails right now* I stole my mom's nail buffer (okay, not really stole) because it does wonders for my nails. I hardly ever paint my nails, but I like to keep them shiny x3
SmooXan's avatar

Report | 11/30/2008 3:37 am


Hi sweety! Oh your profile is LOVELY! =0 <3
Zhiyi's avatar

Report | 11/30/2008 2:12 am


Thanks sweetiepie! You too User Image
Cindilette's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 9:38 pm


but it's so cute! <3! User Image
eRoTiCa's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 8:08 pm


It's just good for price checks and other random economic advice. My advice is usually better than anything they have to offer, so I don't post much since no one really appreciates my input to begin with.
Makigoto's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 8:03 pm


hah, cool.

i think it's a neattt name. : D

not muuuch,

trying to find something interesting to dooo~ (:

sup with youuu? <3
eRoTiCa's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 8:01 pm


I am in the guild, yes. I just post in it though when intriguing topics come up.

And I prefer not to talk about that, really. She knows why she is and I just don't like discussing it. x3;
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Report | 11/29/2008 7:53 pm


hullo! O;


i was like "hmm, who is this?"

and then i went to your profile and was like "OHHH, you changed your nameee 8D"

i'm lame. (:
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Report | 11/29/2008 7:41 pm


ahh. well thanks. xD; A compliment's nice once and again. I'm pretty hard on myself anyways. =P And you're not bad yourself. :3 -saw your profile pic.-

Oh, I exchanged back in 2004 to get a few things like bunnies and minis. Took a 2-year break and exchanged to get the rest of my stuff. XD;
eRoTiCa's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 7:27 pm


ahah. I'm actually not cute at all I don't think. I do have pics of myself in my main exchange thread. Just post-stalk me and you'll find it.

I actually bought them when they were expensive. xDD; Most of them, at least.
eRoTiCa's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 7:22 pm


Wow. If only women gave ME that sort of attention. User Image

ahaha. Thank you. I love this outfit too. <3
Tongue Twisted's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 7:21 pm

Tongue Twisted

I didn't mean to scare you, just worry about you.
eRoTiCa's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 7:16 pm


Go for it. XD; <3
Tongue Twisted's avatar

Report | 11/29/2008 7:12 pm

Tongue Twisted

Well if you find out before it develops they can fix it. My dad had cancer and they found it early and were able to cure him with a simple surgery.
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