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Annex_orion Report | 07/17/2014 11:45 pm
two years... two years of no activity.. yet i keep comign back because the avatars are all so cute and iw ant to draw them alll
AstridMarie Report | 03/01/2012 6:02 pm
Hope you are doing well in this new year! biggrin
AstridMarie Report | 11/29/2011 8:17 pm
Hey!!! biggrin
Captain Allister Caine Report | 09/01/2011 11:09 am
Captain Allister Caine
it has grown swiftly i must admit
cassieopia Report | 03/30/2011 10:06 pm
ohhhh okay! well yeah we'll have to try and make an effort to visit each other! hopefully it is more successful than from when we lived in the same city. >.<; haha awwwe well you need to say hi when you stalk me silly! razz i've been down in cardston for the last month or so, otherwise i would have responded to this sooner. but you know grandparents, anti technology. hahahaha. send me the url! i wanna see your art! i have a new deviant art, Cassieography, check it out sometime if you're not busy. i'm going to be adding lots here in the next few days from my trip. other than that i'm doing alright! just had another birthday here and feeling OLD OLD OLD! i got a health test done and apparently i have the body of a 40 year old woman, not a 19 year old. >.< LOL and of course coming back to gaia, i have to hassle danny and zanth to give me my items back and share some of their horded stuff. and when they don't i get discouraged since no one really comes on here anymore so the only other thing to do is vend. xD how are you though? miss engaged woman!! <3
juju11b Report | 03/24/2011 3:14 pm
Cool Avi
Sherlockiana Report | 03/24/2011 9:35 am
Thank you c:
Skeletal Soul Report | 03/24/2011 9:28 am
Skeletal Soul
"Closing your eyes to disappear ..."

Thank you! 4laugh

"... You pray your dreams will leave you here."
sug chan Report | 03/04/2011 3:48 pm
sug chan
Oh, thank you very much! ^^ <333
Harra Arial Report | 03/02/2011 6:55 pm
Harra Arial
Ooh~ I'll have to come in, chat a bit, and take a looksee around then~ Thank you muchly~


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