"Look, I actually hate all these things about you, and we don’t get along and we never will, but we’ve been together this long and it’s just wasted time and money to go looking for someone else. So I’ve just decided to stay with you. I’ve hit the love switch, and I’m just going to keep it on, so I guess we’ll just ride it out. Okay? Okay." I feel like more of us do that than don’t do that. What a strange world will live in. I sometimes wonder if such a state exists as, “no strings attached.” In my experience, there are always strings. It’s just a matter of how many, and whether you feel them or not. It’s funny that we can’t choose who or what we’re attracted to. It’s funny we can only be guided by experience and instinct. It's funny to think that we could solve all sorts of problems if we had simple switches for that.


Love doesn't always give you the luxury of choice. That's how love works, isn't it? Putting furniture together with naked bodies.

Curious huh?
The name's Anne I tend to be extra extra playful
I have an attention span and memory span of a goldfish so sorry in advance
I have this condition called, "selective hearing" so if I didn't answer or respond to you means my medical condition filters bullshit and idiotic comments.
Madly in love with fictional characters and versification; poetry.
Retired Exchanger/Hoarder/Vendor

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I play League of Legends: Oceania
I never quit, I go on to trip.

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