Name: Annasay, Anna, or Katie

Gender: Female

On Gaia Since: Wednesday July 9th, 2008

Likes: Lolita Fashion, long conversations, graphic design, avatar art (wink-wink), rainbows, making sweets jewelry with polymer clay, spell check, zOMG, making friends, literacy, my Alienware m17x laptop, Google Chrome, Photoshop CS4, Solitare, drawing, painting, gaming, puppies and much more.

Dislikes: Chat-Speak, Illiterate Noobs, Split Ends, When people borrow a pencil from me, and return it with no eraser, Eraserless pencils, Dishonesty, "itas", The Orange Button on Guitar Hero Controllers, Lables, Chili, Meat, People who Chew with their Mouths open, Smokers, Mini skirts, Jean Shorts that are so short that they look like denim underwear, Role Playing, Empty Candy Wrappers, When places sell Christmas stuff before Halloween, Hard Gum.

About Me: I'm a friendly person and really hate to hurt others feelings (However, I do on occasion, but that's just me being human.). I spend most of my time on Gaia lurking in the GCD, talking to friends, making friends, drawing avatar art, Dressing Up My Avatar and playing zOMG.

zOMG: I'm a zOMG addict, so I'm on quite often. And when I happen to be on, I post which server I'm on as my Gaia Status. However, if for some reason I either forgot to post which sever I am on, or if I'm on Gaia and not on zOMG, send me a comment or a PM, and I'll hop on the server of your choosing. Anyway, you can usually find me PS farming, trying to beat my record in the hive or doing SS/EB, however, I occasionally switch venues for events. Moving on, I like to crew and hang out with nice, literate, friendly and experienced players. I absolutely DO NOT tolerate leeching, rude behavior, and people who do not follow directions. If I feel that this is happening in my crew, I will boot you without further notice. If I'm not the crew leader, than I will either ask the leader to boot you, or I will leave, depending on my mood.
I no longer play zOMG, due to my constant hiatus. If you want to play while I'm online, send me a line. Otherwise, I doubt I'll be on.

Music: Alternative, Pop, Classical.

Other Games I Play: Animal Crossing (For Game Cube, DSi, and Wii), World Of Warcraft, Starwars: The Old Republic, League of Legends, Champions Online, Portal 1 and 2, BIOSHOCK <3, Plants VS. Zombies, Fable 2, Sims 2 and 3, Mario Cart, (And MANY more).