I am so Sexy Orgasmic Muffins's mule b***h.
I just switched to that account ow o
Blaine is a spelling Nazi. Spell properly or be ignored. There are few exceptions to this rule and they know who they are.

Name: Blaine Virian
Age: 18
Gender: Undefined.
Height: 5'5
Ethnic background: German/French
Chosen Label: Neuter
Past Names: Akiaiana, Pocky Monstah, Halfway Human
Orientation: That is none of your concern.
Musical Taste: Open
Reading Material: Science Fiction is my passion. As is fantasy and slight, implied romance.
Writing Style: Self made.
Current Obsession: My Angel.

Music turns Blaine on, so does massive amounts of blood and gore.
Blaine listens to this -Just part, not all-

** MSI
** Ali Project
** Angela Aki
** Nightwish
** Within Temptation
** Kamelot
** The Pillows
** Orange Range
** Nightmare
** Hollywood Undead.
** Indica

Yes. her taste varies. Got it. Piss off.

Tobias Suukino, totally rocks my ******** world. He helped me with the new user name. I love him to pieces. He's so amazing, like Oh my god Amazing. I love Tobi < 3

The people who helped me on my main account mean a lot to me, I love them.

Saru, the only chick I'd ever date, seriously. I love her. I. Love. Saru. She is totally my ducky. <3 Saru makes my day bright and loving, I can be more open with her, when she's gone there is an amazing shift in my personality, I get darker and crueler. So, when I'm kind, you know that she is there with me, talking to me, Rping with me, and being there for me to love.

Cagi, my Onee-san. Brilliant RPer, highly artistic, intelligent beyond words. How to describe the perfect sis? She is so amazing, you so are not in her league. She will like, beat you at anything. Seriously.



...Do you even care?



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i'm human and half's fiance User Image
Human and a Half

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Human and a Half

hey green, i haven't been on in forever.

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OMG! I missed you Blaine! x3

New name ay? I like it, it makes me wanna-...anyways, so how has life been?


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Ahhh! I have no idea which profile I have to post on now! Nooo!

The end of the world is in sight now! ♥

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>< *glomps* Sorry for the serious delay! We got a new computer and I have the stupid "need parent agreement to view site" s**t. D:
hi im tools

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hi im tools



im pretty sure...

No Ovaries

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No Ovaries

Then meet with me again i________i

In the full moon of our comment boxes?

Max ate my gawd damn chips!
hi im tools

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hi im tools


: D

Eat a dinner ok.
Xhalo_Pee08 Ver_02-

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Xhalo_Pee08 Ver_02-



I am Sexy Orgasmic Muffins's Mule.