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Little-Miss-Insanity182 Report | 06/29/2016 3:57 pm
Thanks for buying! ^_^
Binky OWL Report | 06/12/2016 11:42 am
Binky OWL
where are you lately haven't seen you in agesss! crying
SoteriaAP Report | 06/01/2016 8:35 pm
Thank you for your purchase!
Binky OWL Report | 05/29/2016 9:36 am
Binky OWL
miss youuuuuuu
Yokai Yuki Report | 05/28/2016 8:44 pm
Yokai Yuki
Sorry I stole your song off your profile.. LOL I heard it and it kinda fits my mood. :c and i liked it.
Boombaba Report | 05/28/2016 3:30 am
ok bro mad
Shut up Amber Report | 05/26/2016 3:49 pm
Shut up Amber
Thank you for buying!
Sigrid Wolfkang Report | 01/04/2016 10:33 pm
Sigrid Wolfkang
You too Ankix-sama *Bows and smiles*
tragedy of elsinore Report | 01/04/2016 5:40 pm
tragedy of elsinore
Thank you for your purchase.
Sigrid Wolfkang Report | 01/02/2016 10:43 pm
Sigrid Wolfkang
Have a lovely nigth Ankixsama...*Smiles and bows* I need to go to rest ^^



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My name's Ceasar I'm 18 years old, I don't play gaia that much anymore but before I was an addict 3nodding ,I love to talk to people, I watch LOTS of anime! xp and I do provide the luls even though sometimes it awkward smile so feel free to message me anytime. sweatdrop heart
hmmm my instagram is yungczvr !!!! oh yea i like to draw tooo and play pianooo ofcc

My friend is amazing

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