Hey this is Anju Taniyama!

If you don't like Anime... then ******** OFF! I'm an Anime Fan-Girl For Life! Current Anime=Fairy Tail!
So there's nothing to do! I like roleplaying and all that s**t so if you like roleplay Pm me and we might end up roleplaying! Don't go saying s**t to me if that's all your going to say! Add me if ya want I don't really Care.
If you don't like to be near someone that's always looking for someone to cuss at.. then like I said before.. ******** OFF!!
Cause I'm always mad going on a rage needing to punch and kick something. People say I should Calm Down More. My mom says I should start being a little more mature but.. ******** Her.. Who listens to their mom? That's pathetic!!
Here is a little more info On me!

I love VIDEO GAMES!! I'm a non-stop video game player.. here are ma faves!

-Kingdom Hearts
-Super Metroid
-Final Fantasy
-Harvest Moon

I also like instruments! I'm currently playing the Violin and Piano. But I'm also learning more and more of Guitar. The Chords are getting better and better.. and easier. Just need to practice more.
As for Violin I am Actually Taking Lessons on those.. and Yuki I am not giving you lessons currently so Don't go saying that I am.
For Piano I learned the Flats and Sharps.. I don't need synthesias or tutorials to learn a piece. I've had no lessons and I have learned 2-3 songs all by myself with only the music sheets. I do not look on youtube to learn a song.

I also Dance! I am a 4rth Year Dancer. I never give up.. I take all my time at home practicing. You should see me. I never stop... I don't get other people that join and only practices at dance practice.... they don't practice at home! I mean like WHAT THE ******** IS THEIR ******** PROBLEM!!! I like to work hard and very hard until I have it perfect. You may not believe me... but I know how to ride the Unicycle... and People in my Dance Group Say I'm the Best in Class... I don't know for sure though. We are currently on Chinese Yoyo or in other words Diabolo which Means Devil in some language but I don't know which.

I am also a Drawer. I like to draw and I can never stop. Not much to say about that so..... moving on...

I am the person that yells at you and the person that makes you a slave!

Ok now SHOO!!

If you have a problem with me please don't leave me really pissed. So go away if you think i'm a horrible person.. cause you know what I DON'T GIVE THE s**t!!!

Here are some of my Dream Avatars!

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Memorii Makiko

Report | 09/18/2010 8:27 pm

Memorii Makiko

You may be gone now- I know that. Life felt bad didn't it? I know. The Pain was too much. Everything in the world felt like a big black stain of hate. But you know what? The world is a beautiful and miraculous thing. I believe we should keep on living because its right. No one in the world is useless. We were all born with a purpose, you may not find it yet, but it slowly blooms into a fantastic gift. You're gone, I know. And I never will be able to talk to you again. I know that too. Sometimes I think about you in Church and cry about it. That's how much you meant to me. So saying that no one loves you isn't right. I love you Anju. You've been my best friend ever since, forever and I haven't properly thanked you yet. We can't hang out, we can't laugh together, we can't head to towns. I can't seem to feel calm knowing that you no longer belong to this world. If I could travel back one year.... One Year to where we first met, I would give you Memorii's great big smile. Yuki and I stay in touch, yes. But it's just not the same without her. Not the same. We promised to meet each other one day- I would head to your state and we would travel to lots of places! But truly, I wished to see both your faces: Smiling. I still miss you. If there is anyway you could came back, I'll throw everything behind. Anju needs to come back, if only I had one wish. This Memorii Makiko, isn't the Wishy-Washy girl you've known for a while. The girl who couldn't defend herself from that Stupid Natsuko Takuyo, the girl that almost got killed by that Yoshiro Ichijou. She's changed. She's become one of the girls that dearly misses you most. Sleep safely forever.

Report | 07/15/2010 6:00 pm


Heyyyy Anju-Chan~! ^o^
Remember iiPandyChan? :3
That's me D:
Add me plox XD

Report | 06/24/2010 5:14 pm


I'm sorry to hear about your death. I found you on Reiko's Pro, and I feel bad. I hope you are looking at ALL your friends, and being happy.


Report | 05/28/2010 1:22 pm


gas powered stick

Report | 05/16/2010 7:31 am

gas powered stick

RIP Anju Taniyama, you will be greatly missed. I hope your smiling down from heaven.

Report | 05/14/2010 1:26 pm


hiya did u really quit gaia??
it says ur last login it

MAY 14,2010

wut do u have to say for ur self!?
gas powered stick

Report | 03/27/2010 12:24 pm

gas powered stick

Oh, yes...when I grow up...I want to be a teacher. But it might change..never know.
gas powered stick

Report | 03/27/2010 12:24 pm

gas powered stick


Report | 03/27/2010 12:19 pm


******** bored to death
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Report | 03/26/2010 2:05 pm

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