Gaia's Wolf Warrior

Hello there.
Real name's Manny. Guess what that's short for?
But around here, they call me just Aniro.
It means "brave warrior," but why have a name that doesn't fit me?
Anyways, some have called me The Wolf Warrior, because I am a wolf.
Even though the real me is technically only half-wolf and half-dragon.

I'm 19 years old, living in the Windy City.
Living far from the stars, only the moon to guide me.
I scare the humans with my howls every full moon...
But at the same time, I look to my side, expecting someone else to howl alongside me.
Being a lone wolf doesn't help you make many friends.

My reads are fantasy and sci-fi, mostly werewolf fiction.
I don't watch a lot of TV, but a certain blue box from across the Pond interests me.
I listen to a lot of music, from near and afar, from indie to rock to hip-hop, but not the dumb crap.
I once was a college student in Iowa, living life as an Iowa Hawkeye.
That part of me has taken a break, to stay at home, before starting again.

Someday, I want to be a writer...
But I don't know if I want to do anything else...
Life is so fickle, but you never know when death will come knocking.
But I don't care, this lone wolf has seen it all...
But there's still a lot more to see...

So go on, ask away, I'm willing to listen.
You might just make a friend in me...
Some have made me close friends, and a few even closer than that...
But now I stand alone, only myself
And you, the one that reads this.

Your Friend,
Aniro the Wolf Warrior

I have MSN, Skype, Yahoo, AIM, and a Twitter as well. I also have a Facebook, but tell me you found me here!

AIM: AniroLucario
MSN: the-wolf-warrior@howling.com
Yahoo!: the.wolf.warrior@att.net
Skype: thewolfwarrior
Twitter: TheWolfWarrior

The Wolf behind the Avatar
Credit for this goes to my old, dear friend Neko.
Even as we are no longer together in spirit or in physical form, my heart still thinks of her with each time the moon sets and rise.
I howl for her even as we stay forever apart...

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The Life of a Wolf Warrior

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[color=yellow]Hey there, fellow Gaians and Wolf Warriors alike. This is the one and only spot where you'll hear me rawr, rant, spill, and everything in between about the [not so] pleasant life of the Wolf Warrior![/color]



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Ignore the emoticon gaia decided to add in my last comment ><

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Just checking in with ya on Gaia because I can. Is it just me or has Gaia become on big political debate these days? (that's what the ED-P boards are for, yet sadly I see more political debate via comments >< wink . Don't worry I'm not gonna start a political debate or should I say argument as they seem to be on here, whatever the case may be. Two things you should really avoid talking about in a discussion, politics and religion. Both tend to be very, well touchy topics so to speak from my experience. Just do me a big favor, don't piss off a lot of people on here if you can avoid it. I don't want to see you get banned from the site again. I just hope trolls don't get after me for saying such things I have...as far as I see I haven't said anything that should piss them off.

I forgot to tell ya, I'm not getting any more troll issues on youtube or my deviantart at the moment..about darn time I say.
Lady ShadowGrace

Report | 11/26/2010 2:51 pm

Lady ShadowGrace

Sorry mon loup! ; . ;
But I am back, jes? How's it going?

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R.I.P. The Wolf Warrior

January 28th, 2007 - October 25th, 2010

Cause of death: MegamanPsy's bullsh*ttery.
Jay Riot v2

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Jay Riot v2


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Oh how clever! Did you just learn about that from your liberal friends and finally find an opportunity to call someone a "McCarthyist?"

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I dissapeared because Herald posted personal info of me all over.

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He is, but that's why he's in NY, and I"m not 3nodding


How the Wolf Warrior would run the world...

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Yeah, you read that right, he wants Daleks to rule the world. You know, those stupid-looking salt-shaker things that kill you with only one shot from their evil death ray? He'd only let them rule long enough so that he can kill them epically, though, then it will be a world of the WOLF WARRIOR!!!