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For so long I have felt alone
Content to live with unrest
Longing faded into countless nights
That buried my weary heart
But You brought an end
To this dead hour
And meaning to a calloused life
Held in Your arms
But too far from my heart.

While Your eyes rest in mine
I remember the way You looked at me
And the way You drew me close
With one deep sigh
Scattering pieces of my restless mind
Forgetting all that we have left behind

I like;
Music, guitars, friends, skateboards, drawing, games, writing, making lyrics and going to concerts.

I dont like;
Pink, feeling sad like i usually do, no music, no money, no friends, war and my jealousy.

The cutest thing my bf said to me;
For every man there is a cause for wich he will proudly die. You are mine and I will protect you at all costs no matter what happens to me, you are always safe in my arms <3

Bandlist; 3 doors down. 30 seconds to mars. As I Lay Dying. Atreyu. Adioslave. Billy Talent. Bullet For My Valentine. Children of Bodom <3. Chimaira. Coldplay. Cradle of Filth. Crossfade. Cult of Luna. Deathstars. Dimmu Borgir. Disturbed. Element Eighty. Ensiferum. Evanescence. Fireflight. Foo Fighters. Gamma Ray. Godsmack. Gojira. Gorillaz. Graveworm. In Flames <3. Iron Maiden. Jack Johnson. Kaiser Chiefs. Kalmah <3. Kamelot. KoRn. Lamb of God. Lost Prophets. Metallica. Muse. Mythlorian. Nickelback. Nightrage. Nightwish. Nirvana. Norther. Opeth <3. Papa Roach. Pearl Jam. Queens of the stone Age. Rammstein. RHCP. Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Seether. Shadow Venger of Empyreal Dest. Shinedown. Slipknot. Stone Sour. Sum 41. System of a Down. Tool <3. Trivium. Wintersun <3. Within Temptation

My Heroes;
- Alexi Laiho (Vocals & Guitar; Children of Bodom)
- Mikael Åkerfeldt (Vocals & Guitar; Opeth)
- Jari Mäenpää (Vocals & Guitar; Wintersun)
- Shagrath (Vocals; Dimmu Borgir)
- Petri Lindroos (Guitar; Ensiferum)
- Anders Fridén (Vocals; In Flames)
- Michael Padget (Guitar; Bullet for my Valentine)

My Art;
I can make you;
-avi art
- banners
Look for it in my journal

Concert list;
- Children of Bodom
- Slipknot, Machine Head and Children of Bodom
- Dimmu Borgir
- Parkpop

Gifts I got
- Gramster from marta1988
- Single Carnation Black Bouquet from anonymous benefactor
- Heart shaped box from anonymous benefactor
- Gold Tiara from anonymous benefactor
- Heart face tatoo anonymous benefactor
- Kiss face tatoo anonymous benefactor
- Heart balloon from anonymous benefactor
- Random items from zama-kun
- random items and gold from my great friend hirb

I have to break this. Ware it down in small pieces.
My dreams have stopped but only for the moment.
I can feel it now. I can see it now. I'm in a downfall spiral.

Searching for a moment like this.
Raised with your act as a guidance.
Lead by your words and your lies. I cannot take it.

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