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I love anime, games, draw, reading and good food.
Some of my art http://animem00n.deviantart.com/
Im in High School. I hate shopping and mondays.

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{Picture by Rhinoseri}
A Blue Rose. A blue rose is said to represent mystery. Perhaps a quiet one on the outside or to those you don't know. You've been hurt before and never want to be hurt again. It takes a long time to trust someone. To let not only your true feelings show but to let your inner devil out. It takes a real person to open you up and let them into your life, but once they have gained your trust, you're loyal forever
.: razz oem::
In an old abandoned church
Where mere mortals fear to tread
And the only sound you hear
Are the voices of the dead
The wind whispers a melody
Of dreams lost long ago
And tells tales of dreamers
In the breeze's ebb and flow
Where time has turned the past to dust
And made its memories fade
There walks a man who once lived
But who has now become a shade
{By Unknown}

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Your weakness is darkness! you're probably a shy person most likely a darker person like an outcast. you love the night and love to doodle and you have a good sense of humor

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You are the Oathkeeper. A kind loveing person that will give anything to make sure your friends are safe.

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Your guardian angel would be the Wolf! It knows that you are stressed out and full of sorrow. Let your angel help you with your problems, it's there for you whenever you need someone to talk to. You remind your angel of itself when it was lost in darkness but was found by love and saved by the light. It will try to show you the light that can guide you down the path of happiness. The wolf will show you that you are loved by your friends and especially your family. It can't cure your sorrow by itself though, you need to open up to people that want to get to know you, take chances, make friends, be happy, and it will watch you grow nearer and nearer to the good in life.

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