Hey, I'm a girl gamer and I love anime (obviously). I have BIG ideas, sometimes too big for my own head (uhn >.< wink . I don't give a care if you don't like me, I have twice as many people who do like me as friends. So just stay away.

Whats your personality?
You scored as a Loner
You like your space...not that theres anything wrong with that. As long as you smile every now and then...you'll be okay.

What Magic Card Are you?
You scored as a Opposition
You live life like the counter spell, only with more control ... or you would like to anyway. Opposition can in the right situation lock out anything and everything. You are a controlling person, or want to be. Everything should go your way! no really it should. More information on The Color Blue: Blue wins by having a solution for every problem, gaining strength from the great power of Islands. Blue is deployed via powerful spells, defensive counter spells, research, intelligence, careful planning, study, mental abilities, and time travel. Blue creatures include mighty wizards, merfolk, squid-like cephalids, powerful monsters from the ocean's depths, illusions, sea-birds, and shapeshifters. Island life can be dangerous. All pictures and information copy write of Wizards of the coast.
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What *Magical Power* Would You Have?
You scored as a Power to Make People Do What You Want
You have the power to make people do anything magically, just give them the word and they'll do it. But be warned, if anyone ever figures out how to thwart this power, you'll pay BIG TIME.

Which Color Of Magic Are You?
You scored as a Black
Black, the symbol of death and despair, can be characterized as morbid, impatient, incorporeal, and stagnant. Black leans on the side of mystery and darkness, but can be mighty and dignified. Black is for those who hide their darker sides behind an air of sophistication, for those who lurk in alleyways and dark corners, and for those willing to pay the price of greatness.

Which Gemstone Are You?
Your'e an Amethest!

You have a great sense of humor, and love your friends to death. You have awesome drawing and writing skills. You like to keep on track when it comes to schoolwork and hate to get an F or D.
Your'e purple, which means you have a free spirit and a great personality.
You don't give up easily and have a very big ego.
Your Friendstone-Ruby

What Kind of Smart Are You?
You're Math-and Science-smart (logical-mathematical intelligence).

You find calculating numbers easy. Logical problems and reasoning come easily to you. You might become an engineer, accountant, detective or a science teacher.

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Hey, this is my weblog. I'll post thoughts, ideas, and my art here.



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Report | 07/15/2008 11:10 am


dude, jeff blocked me on aol!

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where've u been? how's summer going?

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wow, most of ur comments r from me? it's like I have no life... Maybe I have no life! Ahh!

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y r u never on when i am???????

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s on ur head????????

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when r u ungrounded?
Rin Taisho

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Rin Taisho

Hey =)

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Hey, you may have forgotten this guild, User Image but we haven't forgotten about you! This is just to remind you about the PPS. Please come back!

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where r u???????????????????

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By the way, your profile is da bomb. HARRY POTTAH! User Image

So, how you been???


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