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All About me!!!

Hey I'm animegirl586. I like to hang out with friends and family. Even though my sister is wacko I love her till death and I hope tht people will like me 4 who I am and not for wht I do

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My journal let me writes down wht makes me upset and tht but it would make me calm do a bit. It would also just let me just letting b for who I really am and I would like to b myself rather then b someone esle.


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yakumo17 Report | 03/18/2012 3:45 am
Hey I Love Anime It Really Is Awsome Yahoo 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
yakumo17 Report | 03/17/2012 6:24 pm

you want 100000000 gold then copy and paste this on ten profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!it really works!!!!
kunkles7 Report | 12/23/2011 12:01 pm
ive been alright just bored
kunkles7 Report | 12/22/2011 6:50 pm
hey my girl how are you doing ehh heart
black cat 177 Report | 02/21/2011 5:11 am
black cat 177
happy bithday
Emma13 Cat Report | 12/29/2010 1:57 pm
Emma13 Cat
Hey lov profile
BrightNinjaPanda1994 Report | 10/29/2010 7:25 pm
crying crying crying crying notice im not on there?
Emma13 Cat Report | 10/07/2010 2:24 pm
Emma13 Cat
Cute pics
sakura7897 Report | 10/02/2010 1:14 pm
i miss u 2 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much crying crying crying
fancy mile Report | 09/20/2010 6:17 am
fancy mile
me toooo



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Rainbow Panacake
XxMs ReyxX

LittleSakura777 is like a sister 2 me!!!

This is my bff

This is a good friend of mine even though we met in the 8th grade I'm glad tht I met her. She is a great person and we are like sisters and tht would probably never change tht and I hope it wont change. I wish tht we could have met sooner crystal I mean it and I hope tht we'll still b friends till the very end and b like sisters still. LYLAS Crystal!!!!!

This is my other good friend but we met ever since we were three years old. She is a very caring 4 her friends and I'm glad tht I'm one of them. Even though she does some wacky things she is still my bffm and tht would never be take away from me and I want rachel 2 now tht if she needs anyone 2 b with u know who to look for and I'll always b there 4 u!!

This is danielle she is Crystal's younger sister and I like her just the way she is and I hope tht she thinks the same way 4 me. And even though we met I don't know the begining of the summer she is always there for me and I'll always be there 4 her!!

This is Rey Rey!! She is my big person and I care about her very much. She would do anything to make sure if I am happy and I want her to be happy too. So I'm glad tht i have met her and I hope tht we can still be friends forever. She is the friend tht will b there 4 me and i will b there 4 her

I'm her pet lol!!

This is my cute and lovely pet. I care about her so much that I dont wnt 2 lose her. Even though we met each other on here doesn't mean tha she'll be there for me. and I'll always be there for her when she needs it. I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 u my little pet

SUGAR DANCE!!!!!!! lol

How cute can I b?

Gir dancing lol GO GIR! GO GIR!!!

I'm gothic_scar13 on gaia but I'm also animegirl586s pet. She cares for me and likes to hang out with me when ever we're both online. Animegirl586 is a really great master and I <3 2

my sister again with our dad. I <3 u daddy!!

We r soooo loveable!!!

Running around lol

Let's all dance!!!!!

Lets have a ball and bounce it on our heads lol

Love is in the air!

I believe in love and that everyone should get a chance @ it. No matter who they are or wht they do, they still need to have a chance to b loved!


This is Torrie Bear I knew her for almost more then a year now. She is also like my big sister and I love her for always being there for me when she can. She's everyones little panada cause she likes panadas. Believe me I wouldn't blame her about liking them, they are so cute and all!! Lolz and I feel like I can be myself when I'm around her cause I can act like myself then a person that I dont wnt 2 b. I <3 yea torrie Bear!!!!

Hey everyone its me animegirl586!! lol

Even though she is older than me and is crazy @ times. I still love her like heck! <3 yea big sis!!!

I'm her big sister even though I bug her and tease her @ times. I <3 her and care for her!!

Me and my sister's mom. She may look nice but she is crazy when u know her. all I got 2 say.

I'm mi_corazon_es_tuyo on gaia but I'm animegirl586's big sister and I care about her so much tht I really dont wnt 2 loose her. She tries to help out lot w/ our dad and the baby. But she is still young and I wnt her to enjoy it. I'll still let her help though <3 yea little sis!!!

This is my friend Brother lolz he is awesome and amazing friend lolz <3 ya bro!!!!