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I'm animeaddict106, formerly known as moonlightfrost, but i got hacked. I'm still working on the whole situation, but yeah, i'm tryin to start anew. I'm always looking for more friends so feel free to request me!! Im also (duh) addicted to anime and manga. If anyone has some good anime sites (youtube has been crapy lately) and/or manga sites please tell!! <33 biggrin

Notice: All skeches posted in my pro are hand drawn be me. You can find them in my journal entries (Anime Art) and you're free to use them as long as you credit me. Please and thank you!

This is my azn smilie Mr. Green: mrgreen Please be nic and say hi (seriously your gonna wanna say hi and be nic, its ur head not mine!)

This is Mr. Green's bff Poochi Panda: User Image You don't wanna mess with him either... lol

Funny Moments:
[Tina] "Were whale buddies!"

[Me] "No need to bite my head off!"

[Tina] (responce to previous) "Dont worry, we wouldnt wanna bite ur head off!"

[Me (recently), Tina, Emily] Mr. Kumkwat!! <--- i was laughing soo hard!!

[Me, Tina, Joe Rush] Kleenex (Pheonix) <--after skool <333

[Me, Emily, Tina] Azn Emily, Aznized (lol good timez)

[Me, Tina, Emily] Whale club!!!! (lol only the lius at first!)

[Me, Tina] Mini-Liu, Tina and Me (middle Lius), BIG Liu (hahaha)

[Tina] Why download leagally when you can download ILLEAGALLY!

[Me, Tina, Emily] State the obvious!

[Me, Tina] (info: while walking to the auditorium after skool, lookin
fur Jason, tinas little bro aka mini liu) We go by the Mens bathroom and hear: i believe i can fly....i believe i can touch the sky... and we start laughing so hard. Turns out it was the janitors room... dunno if thats better...

[Me, Tina] (on facebook) the bumper sticker I sent tina (and others): I'm Asian............ be jealous. (<---- hahaha)

[Me, Tina, Emily] Chicken noodle soap, chicken noodle soap,
chicken noodle soap with a soda on da side <-- <3333

[Me, Tina] (info: tina is drawing and rock fur a art project. Brittany turns it into a foot. as we talk about it we are thinking of what to call the creation) me: Fock! hahaha! oh wait... *silence* *tina still laughing* Tina: Fock!! haha omg wat!!?!??! *look at each other* While laughing-> tina:nice, me: lol yeah

[Me, Tina, Emily] Fareya!!! <--- hahaha lol

[Me, Tina] tina: heres a screen shot *shows screenshot with big pointing pink arrows to item* just for you >.<
if you still dont see it i will have to go jump off a bridge
blondazn (me): hahaha. lol. thz fur the screen shot. im not THAT blind and im not thats stupid, bridges hav rails so how do u jump off them? lol its too much work to go ova the rails or destroy them. lmao
brok3n h3art (another account of mine): hahaha lmao lmfao
yes tis tru they hav rails fur pppl lik blondazn
tina: lawl u just burned urself

[Me, Tina] (ben and jordan are walking down the hall while me and tina are walking towards them) Omg its Buddy Ben and... IT...

[Me, Brittney] (info: ivan has a cute little brother called Riely)
B: omg i saw little ma today!
me: rly?! hes sooo cute! <3
B: i kno!
me: hes lik a little stuff animal!!!
B: lol somebidys in luv
me: yeah sure lets go with that
B: lol
me: bt u HAV to admit hes rly cute
B: sure... OMG mini ma!
me: lol

[Me, Tina] some people are joined at the hip
were kinda joined at the face
well last name bt thats not as cool

[Me, Tina] me:were not really lik gonna jump off a cliff depressed
Tina: maybe you arent <-(lol hahaha)

Thats all I can think of right now but not NEARLY as many as there are!

Mood: blaugh HAPPY!!! I get to visit my friends in just about a week! biggrin
Upcoming events:

FullMetal Alchemist
Tokyo Mew Mew
Ultra Maniac
Ouran high host club
Love Hinata
Fruit Basket
Gakuen Alice
St. Tail
Mermaid Melody
DN Angel
Vampire Knight
KamiKazi Kaito Jeanne
Full Moon Wo Sagashite
Special A
And Many More!

--Currently working on:
~Anime- Naruto, Bleach, D.C. Da Capo, Tsubasa resevoir chronical
~Manga- Naruto, Tsubasa Resvoir Chronical, Gakuen Alice, Vampire Knight, Special A, Ouran High Host Club

This is my dream av

This is mini quest avi (the one that is reachable):
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Red Raven Bodice
Brown Fairy's Bell Hat
White Tropical Dancer Skirt
Black Decora Dress Shoes
White Babydoll Gloves
Brown Tabby Bakeneko Ears (Top)
Sweetheart Gold Pendant
Orange And Yellow Reversible Hair Pins (4)
Face Veil
Fairy Wand

Important ppl:

This is my crush, Ivan, and me heart heart heart
Two of my Best friends: Tina (lik a sister) and Emily

Thats soo much to these people!
Corgi44- Thz fur donating the cat band and 3000 gold donation fur Christmas!!! helpin me with me dream avi by donatin the Lovely White Genie Embroidered Vest!(and alot of other stuff too!)
goodlilgirl0- Lovely Genie Red Bangled Bra
Aznied314- thz so much emily fur the pictures!! <333

Here's some pics:
User Image
User Image
Thank you emily. i luv it and it has my name yay! <333
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User Image
User Image
User Image
I made this one myself. The app didn't give much to do so I did the best I could. Not that bad though! 4laugh
User Image
That is sooo cute! Kawaii!! heart whee heart
User Image
In this one i used Microsoft Photodraw. It was my first time using it, so sry if it isnt good. sweatdrop Well, it didn't turn out that bad!

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User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

Some inside jokes and cute pics:
User Image User Image

Recently Updated:
About me
Dream avi

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Given: October 20th, 2008
Reason: Getting corgi44 to write along message XD yay! XD

Please feel free to leave any comments! I luv comments! heart


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Thanks ^_^

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thx for purchasing 3nodding

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bahaha XD i just tried to like that comment before realizing this is not facebook or tumblr sweatdrop

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i miss you heart

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yesindeed i felt that was necessary

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happy birthday tomorrow :333333333

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i tis sad
actually im pretty much over it now
bt i was saddd
well im happeh now bt for a different reason XD cause im going back to ny!! yayyy!!! haha
i gotz to tell youz why im sad
and youz gots to tellz me what happened at camp XD
when i get back i shall fb message youuu
Kinky Cakemonster

Report | 07/28/2009 2:14 pm

Kinky Cakemonster

I did not quit.
I was on hiatus. :]
Sorry your gonna have to try harder than that to get my stuff.
Your never on anyway! grrr haha

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uh ohhz, cynthis has broken links on her pro D:
i have like no recent pics of us to draw fr myspace!! gonk theres ones frm th shopping trip that im gonna try to use haha bt theyre olddd


Addicted 2 Anime!
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This is my buddy Poochi Panda :User Image